New Project in Progress.
One of kind Cameo Brooch.

Little Fox Cameo Pin in Progress.

Little fox small

This is the center of a new cameo pin that I have been working on whenener I have a second available. I can't wait to show you the finished piece! There will be beads involved in this project, it's impossible for me to resist adding beads to anything right now :)

I made this part of the pin using my little papercut technique. I cut the silhouettes in paper and then I pressed the cut paper on polymer clay. Once the clay was cured and cold I then gave a little white pattina to the surface to inhance the image. The last step was polishing and adding a tiny vintage cristal to the fox.

Something so tiny requires a lot of work, just like little babies. But it is so exciting to see the little thing grow and get a personality. That's what I enjoy the most about these little projects.

See you soon!

Elsita :)