Natalie's Wish List for Christmas .
What is a Year?

Happy Holidays from the Horbergs!

Natalie and Diego 2011 small

Today my main mission was taking a picture of Natalie and Diego in order to send it to family and friends for the Holidays. I asked Diego to put on his "fancy" jacket and he said: But my jacket is only for when I get married! Meaning that he only wears his jacket for parties, including weddings. I told him that taking this picture was going to be even better than getting married so he said: OK Mom.

We went to the garden and Diego started laughing and laughing because I said that he needed to be happy for the picture. It was contagious so Natalie and I started laughing as well. I could hardly hold the camera but fortunately I was able to take these four photos. The whole thing took about 2 minutes but it was sooo much fun!!!

So here is for you my friend and for all our relatives these pictures that I think capture the essence of how we feel right now. This has been a difficult year but also a year for growth and love. We're looking forward to the future. Wishing you and your family all the best from the bottom of our hearts!

The Horbergs :) 

Bill, Elsa, Miro, Natalie and Diego.

(I still have the mission to take a picture that includes Miro as well, but he got a Winter job so today he's working. I will have a new photographic session when he's home with us. Miro is now A LOT taller than his own Dad, very soon he will be 20!!! :)