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Martha's Vineyard.

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Beautiful houses in Martha's Vineyard

Our last adventure during this trip was a visit to Martha's Vineyard. One of our favorite summer places in this country. We went there to celebrate my father in law's coming birthday, he's turning 80 very soon. My sister in law Marguerite and her husband Shelby were also there, what a treat!. It was so much fun! The kids didn't want to leave. We rented a room in a modest and cozy house away from the busy part of the island with the most amazing view. Everything in it was decorated vintage style with tons of little flea market treasures everywhere. From our window we could see horses, a big pond, trees, a beautiful field covered with the greenest grass ever, flowers... we could even see the house where the Obama family stayed at when they came to the island recently. (What a property!)

We're back in NYC right now. Everybody is tired. My father in law, Bill and the kids are watching tennis while I'm doing some laundry and getting ready for tomorrow. We're flying back to Los Angeles early in the morning. I feel so happy about this whole experience. I also feel excited about going back home. What I miss the most about LA is my little plants and the fish! I hope that they're all OK. My neighbor Sally, who's an angel, is taking care of everything over there.

Talk to you at my return!

Elsita :)