The Story of my Paper Jewelry :)
Two Free Embroidery Patterns for You.

First Embroidery Piece in Progress.

Embroidery 1 700

I couldn't wait to share this with you!

Embroidery 1 small

Embroidery is full of possibilities! I'm still taking baby steps because this is only the beginning of a journey. The figure that you see will go in a shadow box. She will be pinned to the background with tiny golden pins. I will also add other elements to finish the visual story that I'm telling.

The story is about a woman that feels lost and is trying to find herself. One day, after walking and walking for a long time, she decides to stops. The woman makes a big discovery: she realizes that in order to find herself she doesn't need to go far away, because everything that she is has been within her from day number one. The story is about accepting ourselves 100%.

This idea sounds cliché but it talks about the origin of an important part of human suffering. There is nothing more liberating that accepting ourselves exactly the way we are, with our unique characteristics and limitations. From a place of acceptation we can do so much! Being unhappy with who we are demands lots of precious energy from our brain. If we use that same energy in constructive ways amazing miracles will happen :)