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Cobalt "Enamel" Earrings.

Earrings blue small


Here is another pair of earrings that I made for myself. It is an idea that has been in my mind since I started making this kind of paper jewelry. I wanted to make something that looked like the cobalt persian jewelry that I have seen somewhere out there. I am very attracted to this color. When you add a tiny bit or red and yellow to cobalt it becomes so royal and elegant. The right colors together can have a nice effect on your brain. That's why color therapy works. If you feel sad put on something bright and it will help your mood improve. You can also put on a colorful pair of earrings to brighten up your day, even if you're wearing a black outfit. A little bit of color makes life so much nicer!

Vivan los colores!!

A couple of paper earrings :)

Aretes copy

 These two are meant to be together forever.

Aretes sin cabeza small

Even though they're also meant to spend time apart from each other once in a while. 

Aretes a copy

Their lives are not complete without each other. 

Arete b copy

Because they were born to complement each other.

Orange earrings small

 Yay! That's the case of most pairs of earrings. But that's also the way I feel about Bill and I. He's away now working but then he comes back home and we're together again and our lives are complete again.

That's what I was thinking about when I created these paper earrings in their own home. Isn't this an interesting idea for a whole show about earrings in their own little homes? 

This piece is one of a kind and it is available on my Etsy shop. ($250)

Sold Out Books

I hope that you like it!

Elsita :) 


Beetle Paper Pendant.

Necklace detail copy

Necklace  copy 

There is a family of little creatures that I love as much as I love birds: Beetles. I decided to make a pendant featuring a colorful beetle because the very idea made me happy and also because I want to keep exploring the possibilities of paper as a material for jewelry.

This pendant was a labor of love. Gluing one tiny glass bead at a time took forever but I enjoyed it so much. The coating that I used covers everything, including the tiny beads and it gives the surface lots of strength and a leathery look that I absolutely love. The pendant comfortably hangs from a braid that I made using brown satin ribbon.

 Mano 2 small

I can't wait to see what my next piece of paper jewelry will be!  This is something that I'm doing on the side as a treat. My main focus for the next months will be on creating pieces for my solo show in Puerto Rico at Espacio 304. The opening will take place on December 18, 2011. I will keep sharing everything; the product of my paper jewelry explorations as well as the new artworks for the show in December.

Have a wonderful day!

Elsita :)


My First Embroidery Piece is Finished!

Pieza 1 fina small

Running Away small 2


1aa copy

2b copy

3c copy

4d copy

Yay! My first adventure in embroidery as art is finished. This piece has been already purchased by an art collector. It will be leaving for the new home very soon. The shadow box measures: 11" x 15" x 1 3/4".

I cannot wait to start my second project in this exciting medium. 

Have a wonderful day!

Elsita :)


Two Free Embroidery Patterns for You.

Bird and fish embroidery pattern small.

Owl embroidery pattern small.


Here is a little gift for you. I drew these two scenes in case you feel like starting a fun embroidery project.

Some of the things that you could use this patterns for are:

*A bag with a simple shape and the embroidery on the front.

*A decorative pillow for your sofa or bed.

*Framed embroidery art.

*An apron.

*A skirt.

*The front or back of a simple shirt.

If you have any other suggestions I would love to hear them!

I hope that you enjoy these patterns :)


Download the hight resolution images below:

Bird and fish embroidery pattern: View this photo

Owls embroidery pattern: View this photo


(If you ever embroider any of these designs I would LOVE to see a picture of it) 


First Embroidery Piece in Progress.

Embroidery 1 700

I couldn't wait to share this with you!

Embroidery 1 small

Embroidery is full of possibilities! I'm still taking baby steps because this is only the beginning of a journey. The figure that you see will go in a shadow box. She will be pinned to the background with tiny golden pins. I will also add other elements to finish the visual story that I'm telling.

The story is about a woman that feels lost and is trying to find herself. One day, after walking and walking for a long time, she decides to stops. The woman makes a big discovery: she realizes that in order to find herself she doesn't need to go far away, because everything that she is has been within her from day number one. The story is about accepting ourselves 100%.

This idea sounds cliché but it talks about the origin of an important part of human suffering. There is nothing more liberating that accepting ourselves exactly the way we are, with our unique characteristics and limitations. From a place of acceptation we can do so much! Being unhappy with who we are demands lots of precious energy from our brain. If we use that same energy in constructive ways amazing miracles will happen :)

The Story of my Paper Jewelry :)

Today I want to share something that makes me very excited. It is the continuation of an adventure that started up in a primitive way many years ago, I was exactly 18 years old. Way before I started my adventure in papercutting


Illustration 1

Back in time when I was living in Camaguey, Cuba, I was literally a starving student. My body weight was about 95 lbs (my healthy weight is about 120). I needed cash for the most basic thing that every human being needs: food. 

Illustration 2

My need for cash was the main motivator for starting a tiny student business that provided me with enough money to eat a little bit better for a while. I sold paper earrings (and other crafts) to the ballet girls in my school. My art school was a mix of visual arts and ballet. I got to build a whole club of fans formed by ballet students who would buy whatever I made with my hands. God bless ballerinas!

Illustration 3

The paper earrings that I made back then were part of a "line" that consisted on simple shapes made out of thick card painted with tiny little birds, flowers etc. I covered the paintings with some crazy varnish that was popular In Cuba made out of gasoline and polystyrene and then I made the metal hooks out of some hand-to-bend bronze wire from my sculpture class.

Illustration 4

Here I have to say that because of my lack of tools I had to use my teeth for shaping the wire for about 2 years. Thanks to that all my frontal teeth are slightly worn out. The only person that have noticed that was my dentist here in LA. I didn't tell him the story that I am telling you know :o

Illustration 5

Once finished and nicely organized in a box I brought my "products" to school and they sold out in a second. The price for each pair of earring went from 5 cuban pesos to 8. Converted to dollars that is basically nothing. Right now I think that one USD dollar is about 20 cuban pesos. But the tiny money helped me buy something to eat at the supermarket close to my home called "La Palma". How can I forget La Palma? Going there with a few pesos to buy a box of crackers was heaven! God bless La Palma as well!

The thing is that those hard (and important) times of my life were left behind. But whatever you did when were very young has always the potential to be revisited when you're older. That's what I did recently. I created a pair of paper earrings in order to revisit my creative past with the new skills that I have gained from my experience of working with paper.

Aretes 1 small
I am delighted with the results! This is right now my favorite pair of earrings! So colorful, detailed, happy and cheerful. I will be wearing them often. Making them presented some technical challenges but each one was overcome one step at a time. I cannot wait to make new pieces, the possibilities are endless.

Aretes 2 small

Besides using hard thick card for the main construction and paper with other weighs I also used teeny tiny glass beads and some beautiful sparking vintage crystals. I also gilded some areas where you notice the gold look.

Earring in hand small

These earrings don't look like they were made out of paper at all. That's the beauty of paper, it can become anything you want if you approach it with an open mind. The same thing happens with your life, you can make it turn into whatever you want with a little bit of creativity and lots of enthusiasm :)

Falling in love...

In love with embroidery small

My heart has found a new passion that's keeping me awake at night and dreaming during the day: Embroidery. I'm feeling exactly the same thing that I experienced when I first fell in love with papercutting.

In a relatively short period of time I have gathered a whole library of books about embroidery, covering all the different techniques. I have also gotten the foundation materials to start my journey in this new direction and my brain hasn't stopped dreaming and visualizing all the creations that will come out from this new love.

I have fallen in love many times in my life; with painting, drawing, sculpture, jewelry making, husband. These are the periods when I feel most alive. 

This post is not exactly about embroidery but about falling in love with anything. It could be a person, it could be a project, or a song...anything. At an early age I understood that love could really change everything. Right now that I'm an adult I realize that love IS everything. We cannot move forward if we don't experience it. We cannot dream or create if our hearts are empty. Love is all about our state of mind. It's all about being alert so we can notice what's going on within us and around us. The world has plenty of amazing things for each one of us. Let's enjoy them while we're still alive.


Martha's Vineyard.

Homes mv

Beautiful houses in Martha's Vineyard

Our last adventure during this trip was a visit to Martha's Vineyard. One of our favorite summer places in this country. We went there to celebrate my father in law's coming birthday, he's turning 80 very soon. My sister in law Marguerite and her husband Shelby were also there, what a treat!. It was so much fun! The kids didn't want to leave. We rented a room in a modest and cozy house away from the busy part of the island with the most amazing view. Everything in it was decorated vintage style with tons of little flea market treasures everywhere. From our window we could see horses, a big pond, trees, a beautiful field covered with the greenest grass ever, flowers... we could even see the house where the Obama family stayed at when they came to the island recently. (What a property!)

We're back in NYC right now. Everybody is tired. My father in law, Bill and the kids are watching tennis while I'm doing some laundry and getting ready for tomorrow. We're flying back to Los Angeles early in the morning. I feel so happy about this whole experience. I also feel excited about going back home. What I miss the most about LA is my little plants and the fish! I hope that they're all OK. My neighbor Sally, who's an angel, is taking care of everything over there.

Talk to you at my return!

Elsita :)