This Airplane is taking us to NYC :)
The American Museum of Natural History.

Reporting for Family and Friends!


Hello, we're in the Big Apple already! Yay!!!! This morning we went food shopping with the kids. There is this wonderful market called Gourmet Garage, within a walking distance from where we're located. They have everything you need to have a party in your tummy. So we got our feeding needs covered for a week, at least. I will be cooking for friends that will be visiting during the week.

Purl Soho

We're staying at a beautiful apartment right in the heart of Soho, steps away from all my favorite places. But most importantly, we're very, very, very close to Purl Soho!!! My number one store on the list. They open at 12:00 on the weekends. Today Bill won't be working in the movie that he's producing so he will spend the whole day with us. We're still deciding where to go. How about the Zoo?!

Now I have to go back to the fun!

See you soon!

Elsita :)