The Hurricane!

Montclair, New Jersey.


Yesterday we had a beautiful time at Natalie's friend's house in Montclaire, New Jersey. It was a discovery for us because we had never been to this beautiful place before. Natalie's friend from pre-school lives over there. She moved with her parents to Montclaire a couple of years ago. When we knew that we were coming to NYC one of the first plans was to visit Natalie's friend. Her Dad was sooooo nice, he came to pick us up in his car and then drove us back home at night. What a treat! You're the best Mike!


One of the main attractions was a huge trampolin that I would love to have in my house in LA. If I had something like this in my backyard I would be a trampolin champion. Jumping is one of the most fun physical activities ever. We do have a smaller trampolin for Diego at home but if I attemp to use it I would open a hole on it for sure :o

I hope that you're having a great week! Mine is going really fast :)