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Look Mom! A Sweater Bicycle!!!

Knotted Bike

Yesterday the kids and I went for a long walk in the neighborhood. We saw a lot of cool things, but the highlight of the walk was the "sweater bicycle"! As Diego called it. Diego's brain was really puzzled with this unusual object. He wanted to know if he could whether ride it or wear it. Then he wanted to know if the bicycle was cold because it had a sweater on. For a minute or two his mind was spinning: bicycle, sweater, winter, riding, street...I could almost see his thoughts fly around in circles like little bees Zzzzzz Zzzzz Zzzz. 

We did a little Google search at night and found out that this is the work of Olek, a Polish-American artist based in NYC. She covers about everything with yarn. Isn't that great?! This is what I love about this city, it is so full of surprises!

Have a wonderful day!

Elsita :)