The Hurricane!
Martha's Vineyard.

Life after Irene.


I'm back reporting that life after Irene is pretty much the same as life before Irene. This overpopulated city is back to normal. Everybody is so busy!

All we experienced during the hurricane was the rain, the wind and a car accident that we saw from our window. On an totally empty street 2 cars collapsed, really strange, nobody got hurt. Drivers are not used to driving on empty streets over here so these two cars didn't know how to behave, they were traumatized by the street emptiness. 

We have been out and about after Irene. One of our visits was to Central Park (photo above). So green and beautiful. We have also been to Purl Soho a couple of times but it was hard with the kids, they whether wanted to go or buy everything in there, no middle ground.

M & J Trimming store front

But I did get to purchase some treasures at M&J Trimming. From the last time I visited that place many years ago to now I see that it has grown to become a paradise for crafters. I wish that I could put the whole store in my suitcase and take it back to LA :) Over there I got the tiniest seed beads that I have ever seen in my life. (They're not listed on their web-site).


But the main thing that we have done is walk, walk, walk and look, look, look to see what surprises we find on the streets. There is a lot to enjoy over here; the store window designs, the fashionable people, the graffitis... Our eyes are having a party in this city but our feet are screaming :o Fortunately, we brought very comfortable walking shoes so they will be OK in the end :)

See you soon!

Elsita :)

(To Parisa: I haven't been able to find you here in Soho. Have you been working in these days?)