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Life after Irene.


I'm back reporting that life after Irene is pretty much the same as life before Irene. This overpopulated city is back to normal. Everybody is so busy!

All we experienced during the hurricane was the rain, the wind and a car accident that we saw from our window. On an totally empty street 2 cars collapsed, really strange, nobody got hurt. Drivers are not used to driving on empty streets over here so these two cars didn't know how to behave, they were traumatized by the street emptiness. 

We have been out and about after Irene. One of our visits was to Central Park (photo above). So green and beautiful. We have also been to Purl Soho a couple of times but it was hard with the kids, they whether wanted to go or buy everything in there, no middle ground.

M & J Trimming store front

But I did get to purchase some treasures at M&J Trimming. From the last time I visited that place many years ago to now I see that it has grown to become a paradise for crafters. I wish that I could put the whole store in my suitcase and take it back to LA :) Over there I got the tiniest seed beads that I have ever seen in my life. (They're not listed on their web-site).


But the main thing that we have done is walk, walk, walk and look, look, look to see what surprises we find on the streets. There is a lot to enjoy over here; the store window designs, the fashionable people, the graffitis... Our eyes are having a party in this city but our feet are screaming :o Fortunately, we brought very comfortable walking shoes so they will be OK in the end :)

See you soon!

Elsita :)

(To Parisa: I haven't been able to find you here in Soho. Have you been working in these days?)

The Hurricane!

Dear family and friends,

Today we will be getting ready to spend the weekend hidden at home because Irene will be visiting. I'm soon going to the supermarket to buy enough food and enything we need. Our area is not the most dangerous one (zone 3) but everybody is getting ready because nature is a little umpredictable sometimes, you never know. It will be impossible to go out anyway because of the wind and the rain. But we will be fine.

I don't know if we will have Internet or phone connection this weekend. I will do my best to communicate again after the hurricane has passed. 

See you!

Elsita and the rest of the team :)

Montclair, New Jersey.


Yesterday we had a beautiful time at Natalie's friend's house in Montclaire, New Jersey. It was a discovery for us because we had never been to this beautiful place before. Natalie's friend from pre-school lives over there. She moved with her parents to Montclaire a couple of years ago. When we knew that we were coming to NYC one of the first plans was to visit Natalie's friend. Her Dad was sooooo nice, he came to pick us up in his car and then drove us back home at night. What a treat! You're the best Mike!


One of the main attractions was a huge trampolin that I would love to have in my house in LA. If I had something like this in my backyard I would be a trampolin champion. Jumping is one of the most fun physical activities ever. We do have a smaller trampolin for Diego at home but if I attemp to use it I would open a hole on it for sure :o

I hope that you're having a great week! Mine is going really fast :)





During the earthquake yesterday we were in our apartment, resting, when suddenly the building started brake dancing :0 Everything shaked. I couldn't believe it! I didn't know that earthquakes could happen in New York. We come from LA where they are pretty common, but over here it was a big surprise. The epicenter was in Virginia and the magnitude was 5.8. I'm so glad that we were not in the metro! I read that it was pretty scary for those who were underground. But evertything is OK, nobody got hurt.

As I told you yesterday: This city is full of surprises! :o

Sweater bicycle, dancing buildings...what will the next surprise be? :)

Look Mom! A Sweater Bicycle!!!

Knotted Bike

Yesterday the kids and I went for a long walk in the neighborhood. We saw a lot of cool things, but the highlight of the walk was the "sweater bicycle"! As Diego called it. Diego's brain was really puzzled with this unusual object. He wanted to know if he could whether ride it or wear it. Then he wanted to know if the bicycle was cold because it had a sweater on. For a minute or two his mind was spinning: bicycle, sweater, winter, riding, street...I could almost see his thoughts fly around in circles like little bees Zzzzzz Zzzzz Zzzz. 

We did a little Google search at night and found out that this is the work of Olek, a Polish-American artist based in NYC. She covers about everything with yarn. Isn't that great?! This is what I love about this city, it is so full of surprises!

Have a wonderful day!

Elsita :)

The American Museum of Natural History.


Our destination yesterday was the American Museum of Natural History. What an amazing place! Looking at the skeletons of those huge dinosaurs makes me feel a little sad. They reigned over the Earth for more than 100 million years and then suddenly disappeared. But I'm glad that we're able to learn about these extraordinary animals thanks to the work of lots of people that have dedicated their lives to study fossils

Diorama 3

On the other hand, I have always been drawn to the amazing dioramas found in this museum (and the one in Los Angeles, CA as well). Imagine the huge amount of work behind those realistic worlds full of atmosphere. The paintings blend so perfectly with the 3-D elements in the landscape. It's fascinating.  Here you will see a list of the background painters that have been creating those dioramas in NYC, starting with James Perry Wilson (1889-1976). I respect and appreciate their work so much. Without them, places like this museum wouldn't be as special. Artists are everywhere, in every field of life, do you notice that? What would be of the world without creative people? 

Reporting for Family and Friends!


Hello, we're in the Big Apple already! Yay!!!! This morning we went food shopping with the kids. There is this wonderful market called Gourmet Garage, within a walking distance from where we're located. They have everything you need to have a party in your tummy. So we got our feeding needs covered for a week, at least. I will be cooking for friends that will be visiting during the week.

Purl Soho

We're staying at a beautiful apartment right in the heart of Soho, steps away from all my favorite places. But most importantly, we're very, very, very close to Purl Soho!!! My number one store on the list. They open at 12:00 on the weekends. Today Bill won't be working in the movie that he's producing so he will spend the whole day with us. We're still deciding where to go. How about the Zoo?!

Now I have to go back to the fun!

See you soon!

Elsita :)

Mysterious Necklace by Diego Horberg :)

Diego's necklace small

The other day I went up to my studio for a second, Diego came with me. I never let him stay in my studio by himself because there are lots of sharp tools there that he loves too much. I got what I needed and then we went back to the house. After I little while I realized that Diego was too quiet (too quiet+Diego=Trouble). I decided to see what was going on. He was in his room with a mischievous smile wearing a mysterious necklace.

Diego had managed to get a threaded large tapestry needle from my studio without me noticing it. Once in his room he made a necklace out of it by tying the thread behind his neck. To make the pendant (tapestry needle!) really special and even edible he added two cheese puffs to it. 

Now you know why I have to keep an eye on Diego all the time. He comes up with the most unexpected and almost always dangerous ideas. But I always give credit to his creativity. We're now studying this necklace idea in order to make some adaptations. The needle won't be included in the new version but the thread and the cheese puffs are welcome :)

Polymer Clay Bug Pin Tutorial (It looks like a bee I think)

Bug pinBug pin back

 This tutorial lacks lots of detail but between the photos of the actual pin above and the little drawings below you can have a general idea about how to make this buggy bee. Let your imagination run free regarding color and texture. This is lots of fun!

Bug Pin tutorial small


1. Prepare the parts for the body of the bug as you see in Fig. 1 (I used PREMO polymer clay).

2. Put all the parts together applying pressure on them so they can stick to each other.

3. Make a flat layer of clay and cut a shape similar to the one in Fig. 3 using any sharp cutting tool (X-Acto knife works great)

4. Firmly press the body that is already made (Fig 2) on the wings that you just cut (Fig. 3) and bake following the polymer clay temperature recommended in the package.

5. I cut a layer of felt with the shape of the back of the bug and glued it on it using hot glue. This gives the piece a nice and profesional finish.

I glued the metal pin directly to the felt surface using also hot glue. I cut a tiny piece of felt to cover the body of the metal pin, it looks nicer that way.

If you're a perfectionist like me then proceed to spends lots of time polishing the surface of the pin with a Dremel tool until it shines. If you like the vintage look apply some white acrylic paint on the pin and clean it up before it dries, little amounts of white will stay in the deep areas.

Copyright Elsa Mora 2011-5011 ;)

Have fun!

bZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :)


See me wearing this pin here.