Little Pink Dress for Natalie :)
Five Wool Felt Embroidered Cameo Pins and One Pendant.

How to Display a Brooch Collection.

Brooche collection copy

Here I wanted to show you what I did with most of my brooch collection. I had been thinking and thinking for a while about a way to display them that was beautiful and practical at the same time and then click! The light bulb turned on.

Pins 1 copy

During my latest visit to Aaron Brothers I spotted these wonderful shadow boxes. You can open the front of them as if they were doors. Just perfect, whenever I want to wear a brooch I just open the door and take it out of the box, then I can return it to the right place when I'm ready. Yay!!

4 small

The black background is fabric and under the fabric there is foam. I just pinned the brooches to the background. It works great!

Now I can wear them easily . Plus I can enjoy their beauty everyday. Aren't they beautiful!? Bellow you will see many pictures.

1 copy

2 copy

3 copy

A copy

B copy

C copy

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2 copy

3 copy

4 copy

5 copy