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Little Pink Dress for Natalie :)

Little Pink Dress small

Flower detail small

Natalie and I had the best time designing and making this little dress. I used linen fabric (I love linen! This movie is a must if you're a linen lover) and some beautiful lace from my studio. It looks adorable on Natalie. (If it was bigger I would wear it myself :)

I very intentionally wanted to make a special dress with Natalie now that she's 8 years old. Because one of the most beautiful memories that I have from my own childhood is about my Mom sewing clothes for me when I was that age. Starting at age 8 girls really enjoy the magic of sewing. I hope that Natalie feels inspired to create her own pieces of clothing when she's a little older. Right now I'm just getting her familiar with the field. She already has a small sewing machine ;)

Did your Mom ever sew clothes for you? Do you remember any special piece in particular. My favorite was a long gypsy skirt full of large red flowers and a simple white top that went with it. I loved that outfit!!!