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Five Wool Felt Embroidered Cameo Pins and One Pendant.

Pins copy

All pins together copy #


These are the most detailed and colorful brooches (and one pendant) that I ever made. They're like "small paintings" but instead of paint they're made out of wool felt, glass (tiny beads) and thread. These are really pretty in person.

I wanted to create something unique with my hands during the time when Diego is attending his social skills therapy. For the last few weeks I just parked my car in a beautiful shady area located in Beverly Hills, I turned on the radio to classical music and I started painting (embroidering :). It was such a relaxing experience. That's why they came out beautiful, because I put lots of positive energy into every stitch.

The architecture of these pieces is also more advanced than the ones that I have made previously. They're lightweight but have a nice thick body at the same time. I just love looking at them. Sometimes all you need to get into a good mood is looking at something colorful. In fact, there is something called Chromotherapy, which is some kind os color therapy. I hope that looking at these little creations makes you happy :)

Everything is already listed on my Etsy shop.