Fables de la Fontaine. Book in Progress (post 35)
Survey Results!

The Third Vision

The  Third vision original small

After cutting paper for weeks I started experiencing urgent cravings for drawing. So this weekend, after working a lot on the cover of the book (I love how is coming out!) I took my pencils and drew this image. I drew it directly from the heart, without thinking too much because more than thinking I just wanted to get thoughts out of my mind.

The visio head small

In my personal experience, drawing works as the most basic supporting structure of ideas and feelings. I see drawing as the skeleton of all the other art forms that I practice. 

Cloud and mano small

Let's think about an Architect: his building starts with an idea that becomes a simple drawing, a starting point. Then that basic drawing evolves, gets all dressed up in many other layers until it turns into a sophisticated visual plan. When I draw for the sake of drawing and not as a primary step for something else, I like to focus on the basic idea, the one that the Architect had in the very beginning of his creative process. I do that by letting my hand draw freely, enjoying each trace and letting my mind command the process without me being too involved. It sounds a little confusing but I basically let my hand and brain work together while I become a curious observer on the outside. 

After the drawing is finished I sometimes know what it means. But must times I get to find deep meanings behind it days later. It's a great experience, like a self-therapy or a dialogue with myself. Over the years my drawing has changed visually, it has become more detailed, but the essence is still the same. Drawing has always been my private secret Psychotherapy.  That's why I am so extremely grateful for being an artist. Art makes life so much nicer and interesting!  Thank you! Thank you!

(Tomorrow I will share the results of the survey with you!)