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Survey Results!

Survey results illustrations


This Google survey is such a great tool. I'm grateful that Google created it for us, for free. I really appreciate it. Thanks a lot Google!

And now the awards ceremony, Tadaaaa!!.

As you can see the winner is: The Grasshopper and the Ant!!!!

The prizes are: a big piece of chocolate for the Ant and a clarinet for the Grasshopper.

The Grasshopper and the Ant small

Second place: The Fox and the Stork!!!!

Prizes: A book about good manners for the Fox and a yummy dinner for the Stork at her favorite restaurant by the lake.

The Fox and the Stork small

And third place: The Country Mouse and the Town Mouse!!!!

Prizes: A new country house for the Country Mouse :). And speed bicycle for the Town Mouse so he can move around the city but also visit his cousin in the countryside.  

The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse small

But the best part is that each illustration had 17 votes or more. That makes me so happy! It means that each one is well liked. Thanks a lot for your vote, this survey was lots of fun. Have a wonderful day!!

Elsita :)