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Fables de la Fontaine. Book in Progress (post 33)

Fables de la Fontaine. Book in Progress (post 32)

Today I'm excited to announce the results of our favorite animal survey. Yay!

Zoomerang.com only accepts 100 votes for a free survey, that's why the fun ended at vote #100. After 100 visits they give you the option to cast more votes by paying a reasonable fee of $199 a year for a Pro account or $599 a year for a Premium account. I was tented to open an account with them, but then I decided to use that $mall fee to buy a truck full of paper, eight hundred boxes of X-acto knives, five hundred gallons of HP neutral glue and a new studio :o

But this mini survey gives us enough information to start our award ceremony anyway. Ready???!!

Results blog

Ladies and gentleman, the survey says that the Oscar goes tooooo:

The Stork!!!!

Followed by best supporting male actor/musician: The Grasshopper!!!

Followed by best naked animal actor: The Wolf!!!!

And don't forget the Ant! She won the 4th place and a Golden Globe.

The Tortoise follows the Ant slowly and steady. For that we give her a small Silver Globe, about the size of a golf ball.

Also, this survey taught me that less is not always more :o Just look at how many votes the microscopic animal #8 got. He gets a small serving of gourmet quality cheese anyway, for keeping a smile on during the award ceremony ;) 

Thanks a lot for participating in the survey! It was lots of fun!

I am going to spend this whole weekend gathering energies for Monday. On Monday we will be attending Diego's IEP, a very important meeting.

Have fun this weekend!

Elsita :)