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I have a pretty unique discovery to share with you today. It's a jewel of a blog run by someone with a remarkable mind. I can say without any doubt that If I were going to subscribe to a single blog, that would definitely be The Emotional Detective. 

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Dr. Meyer, the mind behind The Emotional Detective, has a real gift for understanding the complex world of emotions. She is in private practice and teaches as an Associate Clinical Professor of Psychology at UCLA . Her PhD is in Clinical Psychology from UCLA and her BA is from Oberlin College. Dr. Meyer has previously published original research and professional writing.. What I mean is that she's the real deal :o

I have been following her blog with great care from the beginning. I am even keeping a notebook, as she recommends in one of her posts, in order to track my emotions and investigate where they come from. The things that I'm finding out about myself are quiet fascinating and unexpected.

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Here I am going to share some of Dr. Meyer's words with you:

Most of us are confused about our feelings.   We don’t know which to heed and which to ignore.   We cling to idiosyncratic notions about our emotional life, without even knowing it.  Their staggering impact goes unrecognized.  We feel the confusion and the pain of our emotional stagnation, but fail to recognize its cause.  It’s hard to know exactly what is so stifling.  At times, we are truly baffled.

Neuroscientists have shown that most of human behavior and decision-making is determined by emotional forces that operate outside of our awareness.    These unseen forces have enormous impact on our health and wellbeing.   How we experience and manage our emotions is largely determined by our temperament as it combines with early experiences, especially key relationships.    Examining emotional clues allows us to part the screens of consciousness to have a peek on the other side.

The Emotional Detective offers an easy way to investigate your inner world.  It presents a starting point, a guide and path for self-exploration - along with tips for emotional management.  

The column’s central goal is to explain secrets to emotional health.   

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In a voice more engaging and direct than her scholarly sources, Dr. Meyer shares a new approach to self-discovery based on cutting edge research and theory.  Pulling ideas from philosophers, neuroscientists, sociologists, psychologists, writers and her clinical experience, she helps readers understand and manage their feelings more effectively. What I love the most about her blog is how accessible and easy to understand is. 

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Taking care of our emotional world should be a priority, because we are our emotional world. Reality in my opinion is what we have in our head. That's why the more we get to understand how the mind operates, the better we will be able to deal with its complexities. I invite you to follow The Emotional Detective as a little gift to yourself. I predict that you're going to love it and appreciate it as much as I do :) 

(In order to subscribe to it just enter your e-mail address in the box that you will see on the left sidebar. See how it looks in the picture below. That way you will get a notice anytime Dr. Meyer publishes a new post)

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