Fables de la Fontaine. Book in Progress (post 8)
Fables de la Fontaine. Book in Progress (post 10)

Fables de la Fontaine. Book in Progress (post 9)


The second illustration is finished!

As you can see the colors here represent a morning scene. I want each illustration to have a totally different atmosphere in order to make the book more fun. As you pass the pages you will go from one atmosphere to the next. I don't want the pages to be super predictable, each one should be a little surprise :)

Theater background small

2 mice small

Banquet small

The food on this table is only about ten percent of what I wanted to include.

Food detail 1 small

Food itself could be a theme for a separate book. Someone should write a children's book just about yummy foods and maybe turn them into little characters. Maybe someone has already done so.

Food detail 2 small

Yum, Yum, Yum!

Town Mouse and Country Mouse copy1  small

Seeing this finished illustration makes me so happy!