Invitation for you.
Flower Vision.

An Acrylic paint on canvas.


Girl 2 copy 



Girl face detail



I'm happy because I'm painting again :). One of the many things that I will be working on this year is a solo show of my work in Puerto Rico.  I want most of the pieces for that show to be paintings. It has been exciting working with wet media again. All the brushes and little colors and water...Painting is like cooking. The palette is the cutting board where you prepare all the ingredients. And the canvas is the oven where everything cooks slowly. Sometimes you need to leave the painting marinate for a while, go away and come back later. Patience is important when I make papercuts but it's even more important when I paint. When I start cutting a paper piece I already have the final design/drawing so I can just focus on the cuts, it becomes like meditation. But most of the times,  my paintings start up with a very general idea and then I keep developing the elements gradually. It's like the painting itself shows me the way little by little. I really enjoy the process :)

But this piece is a slightly different because it started up as a papercut. The girl and the trees are all cut in a single piece is thick paper. I glued the paper to the canvas and then I started painting on it. This creates a bass relief effect that is very interesting in person. I can't wait to keep exploring this technique.