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Brain Rules, the book.


I was so excited to find John Medina's book the other day. BRAIN RULES: 12 Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home, and School. I'm still reading it and enjoying it a lot. I'm learning lots of things about how the brain operates. 


Each brain is wired differently. Just like the electrical system in houses. That's why each person reacts differently to the same stimuli.


The best thing about the brain is that we can "shape it" meaning that we can do certain things to make it work better for us, to "domesticate" it. I have intuitively practiced that sort of "brain training" for years with some success, but it's not something that you ever get to master. My brain tricks me all the time. How many times have I planned to do something and then I do totally the opposite?. But I never give up! In the end I always try to be understanding with myself because contradicting ourselves is 100% human. My brain loves to hear that, as you can imagine :o But I never let him think that because he is human it is OK to stop trying to do better. My ultimate goal is for my brain and I to get along no matter what. I really don't like it when we get upset with each other :)