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February 2011

Brain Rules, the book.


I was so excited to find John Medina's book the other day. BRAIN RULES: 12 Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home, and School. I'm still reading it and enjoying it a lot. I'm learning lots of things about how the brain operates. 


Each brain is wired differently. Just like the electrical system in houses. That's why each person reacts differently to the same stimuli.


The best thing about the brain is that we can "shape it" meaning that we can do certain things to make it work better for us, to "domesticate" it. I have intuitively practiced that sort of "brain training" for years with some success, but it's not something that you ever get to master. My brain tricks me all the time. How many times have I planned to do something and then I do totally the opposite?. But I never give up! In the end I always try to be understanding with myself because contradicting ourselves is 100% human. My brain loves to hear that, as you can imagine :o But I never let him think that because he is human it is OK to stop trying to do better. My ultimate goal is for my brain and I to get along no matter what. I really don't like it when we get upset with each other :)

Hand Painted wood pendant coming soon to Etsy.

Bird pendant copy

Nine necklaces like the one in the picture will be available on my Etsy shop soon:) I made ten; one for me and nine for you. They look so adorable in person. Red is the perfect color to wear it with. But it really works with any other color, like for example white. I wasn't planning on making necklaces, but I saw someone wearing a beautiful colorful pendant the other day at the supermarket and I felt really inspired to make my own plus  a few more to share. The little bird's expression tells me that there is a lot going on in his mind. He looks like a very curious little bird to me. I also like his elaborate hair style, or is it a hat? :)

Flower Vision.

Flower vision large copy

Flower vision detail 1 copy

Flower vision detail 2 copy

Flower vision detail 3 copy

Here is my second painting of the year. It was inspired by two different elements: the victorian era and this quote by Henri Matisse: "There are always flowers for those who want to see them". I liked this quote so much that I am also making a miniature book based on the idea behind it. I'm using the lady from my painting in that little book. I will be sharing it with you soon :)

About the painting:

Title: Flower Vision

Size: 14" x 11"

Acrylic paint on canvas.

(UPDATE: The print from this painting is already listed on my Etsy shop)


An Acrylic paint on canvas.


Girl 2 copy 



Girl face detail



I'm happy because I'm painting again :). One of the many things that I will be working on this year is a solo show of my work in Puerto Rico.  I want most of the pieces for that show to be paintings. It has been exciting working with wet media again. All the brushes and little colors and water...Painting is like cooking. The palette is the cutting board where you prepare all the ingredients. And the canvas is the oven where everything cooks slowly. Sometimes you need to leave the painting marinate for a while, go away and come back later. Patience is important when I make papercuts but it's even more important when I paint. When I start cutting a paper piece I already have the final design/drawing so I can just focus on the cuts, it becomes like meditation. But most of the times,  my paintings start up with a very general idea and then I keep developing the elements gradually. It's like the painting itself shows me the way little by little. I really enjoy the process :)

But this piece is a slightly different because it started up as a papercut. The girl and the trees are all cut in a single piece is thick paper. I glued the paper to the canvas and then I started painting on it. This creates a bass relief effect that is very interesting in person. I can't wait to keep exploring this technique. 

Invitation for you.


Room 1


Room 3

Photos from Architectural Digest magazine.

 Dear friend: I invite you to a tiny-meditation-session in one of the four rooms above. All you need is to pick one of them, jump in there, get comfortable and relax. Let your mind calm down. Breath calmly, let go of everything  and just be.  

After you're finished, please go to the room below. Walk "upstairs" to the comment session and meet me there for tea (yummy cookies will be provided as well). It's important for friends to take a break from craziness once in a while, spend some quality time together and have fun reconnecting.

Room 4

Prints of my Flower Characters Will be available on my Etsy shop sometime this year.

123Marquesa (blue) small

I'm gradually working on some of my flower characters for Etsy. I will offer them as prints with the most amazing and vibrant colors that I have ever seen in  a print. After exploring several of the paper options available out there, I found the perfect one. It's called Natural Art Duo, from the Hahnemuhle line of fine art papers. It's just amazing. The paper that I use for my other prints has that spectacular textured surface that I totally love, it's ideal for my other images. But for the flower people I wanted a smooth, matte surface to capture every tiny detail. This paper performed beyond my expectations. It took me 2 years to finally get the result that I wanted, but it was very exciting. I got to learn a lot about fine art papers. No matter how beautiful the picture is, you will need to print it on the ideal paper in order to get optimum results. 


Happy Day of Love! (And a little story)

Red Heart

Happy Valentine's Day my friend!

Today I started up the day by hitting another car at the place where I get the paper for my prints (Samy's Camera). The parking lot gets really difficult over there. I was asked to park in an almost impossible space very tight between two cars. My intuition told me that I should have said no to the parking lot gentleman, but I trusted him and parked where he asked me to. When I was carefully trying to get out of my narrow space I hit the side of a car parked on the left side behind me. I take full responsibility for what happened, but I also need to say that I tried everything to avoid it. The owner of the car was inside the store, I wondered what kind of person he/she was going to be? While the store tried to locate the car owner I took my time to write down my info. I felt really bad about what happened, specially being Valentine's Day.

4 hearts small

After about 15 minutes waiting, a beautiful old couple arrived. I said: I am so sorry, look what I did to your car. They were so calm. He said: well, this is a rented car, we're returning it today. I gave him the little paper with my info and everything was so simple and nice. I couldn't believe that there was such a perfect couple on planet Earth. They were nice to me, they didn't say absolutely anything negative and then they left with a smile. You could see what a solid couple they were, so much harmony between them and good energy.

Then, when the area was clear for me to leave I was finally able to get out of the parking lot. As I was driving back home I told to myself: what a beautiful couple. They are love personalized. They didn't make a big deal out of what happened. That's the way people who have love in their lives behave. It's like nothing is bad enough for them to get angry or negative. I think that cupid just wanted to give me a lesson today.

Then I got home and a minute later Bill arrived from seeing the Doctor. He gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers to celebrate the day. Then, feeling really bad about what had just happened I told him the story about me hitting another car. It was like deja vu. He reacted exactly the same way as the old couple, very nice and calm as he always is. All he said was: well, it is what it is. And life kept going. 

The whole point behind this story is that love is the most amazing thing ever. Love makes people behave in beautiful ways. Love makes everything negative look not so bad. Love doesn't judge. Love doesn't get negative. Love is what we all need to feel like life makes sense. Don't you agree?

Sending all my love to you today!

Elsita :)



About Big Decisions.

Good Intentions copy

Time/life goes so fast. I feel like I painted this picture the other day. But it has been already 15 years! I painted this piece with a clear idea in mind. Basically, I knew that the relationship with my partner at the time wasn't working. But ending any relationship (marriage in this case) is such a hard step. In this painting I am taking myself for a ride so I can carefully explore my emotional world. It was a long ride that took me three years. But once you have enough courage to go on the journey for change, nothing can stop you from reaching a happy destination. Looking back at this painting I realize that changing one's life is not as hard as reaching the point where you feel like you can finally make it happen. That single point when you say: "OK, I am strong enough now, here I go"..., is such a defining moment. Nothing makes you more powerful than being in charge of your own life. 

A new stop animation movie.

Here is another wonderful stop animation movie sent by our friend Peter Hannan. He finds the most incredible things on Youtube :)

Here is the text that came with it: " The Cameraman's Revenge (1912, 13 minutes) is about infidelity among the insects, a topic which I dare say has never before or after been attempted on film".

Infidelity among insects, that is definitely an original topic :)