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December 2010

Welcome Rojo!

Skutt kiln 

My beautiful kiln is finally home. To me, it's like someone important just arrived. Someone that will stay forever in order to make a great difference in my life. I decided to name him Rojo (red) because of the color of his digital control panel. The photo above shows you how I see him with my eyes. And picture below shows you how I see him with my heart :)

Kiln drawing small

This is the first time that I own a ceramic kiln. Rojo and I still need to get to know each other. But I already know that we're going to get along very well. What an amazing thing this is to me! Rojo is a high temperature buddy, so I will be able to fire porcelain in it, which is one of my favorite materials ever. 

Tomorrow the electrician will be installing a special outlet for my friend and then I will be ready for a test. Once the kids go back to school I will start creating concrete pieces. But because ceramic work requires time to dry etc. I will be busy with other materials as well. Each material has a special charm. I love them all!

Happy New Year!!

Elsita :)



A New Journey


Dear friend:

How excited I am to start a new year in a few days! Do you see that little white car in the picture above? I feel like that tiny car in the middle of a road full of potential for amazing adventures. I know that 2011 will be great. As you can see this blog has gone through a major makeover. There is nothing more appropriate for starting a new chapter in a person's life than a deep house cleaning. This is your blog as much as it is mine. Please, make yourself comfortable and feel free to take a little tour. Don't hesitate to let me know what you think. I would also love to ask you this: How do you see yourself in 2011? 

All my best!

Elsita :)

More News!

Dear friend:

Many exciting things are happening. I am getting ready for 2011. The first thing that you will notice will be a change in the look of this blog. This place is undergoing it's first major makeover since I started it in 2007!  I'm planning on launching the new look sometime in January of 2011, to start the new year nice and fresh. I am loving the new design, it is cleaner, more organized and easier to navigate. 

At some point this blog will go down for a day or so in order for me to do some tests, but everything will be back to normal soon after I do some adjustments. 

Another important piece of news is that I purchased my very first ceramic kiln. I will use it mostly for porcelain. This is a dream come true. I will finally be able to fire my own porcelains.

I can't wait to share all my creative experiences with you in 2011. This has been a hard year, but also an important one in terms of personal growth. Everything (my niece's trauma in Chile, re-connecting with my Dad after so many years, Diego's new life in Kindergarten, Bill's accident, my brother Rene's cancer...) everything needs to come out through my art.

One of the things that I am doing for the new blog design is re-writing my about page. I will leave you with a tiny advance. I never told you that I am 1 of 8 children in my huge family. See down here? I am #5 :)

Siblings 600

Also, did you notice the nice pattern that my father followed for having his children?: girl-boy, boy-girl, girl-boy and boy-girl.

Merry Christmas!!!!!

And see you next year!!

Elsita :)

Good News!!!!


My brother Rene gave me two wonderful news today!

One: that he had found this photo from when I was very little. I only had a single photo of myself from my childhood so now there are two. Yay!! 

And the second news is really important:

My brother Rene is currently cancer-free!!!!!!!!!!!

He went through a huge series of tests last week in order to find out the state of his cancer. Today nobody could believe the results. There is no cancer anywhere in his body right now. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT???
His health is still  delicate because the 30 sessions of radiation were intense plus one of his lungs is not functioning well, but he's slowly recovering.

He needs to go back to see the Doctor in 6 months to repeat the tests. Today is a day of celebration for our whole family! 

I just had to share this with you!!!!

I knew it!

I knew that after a crazy year good things were going to start happening!!!!


Elsita :)


Please don't be Afraid

Sometimes people are afraid of building something that they deeply want to build. I am thinking about someone that I recently met. This person has a great potential to be really successful at what he does. But something is missing, something is keeping him from just going ahead and doing what he knows that he could do. I wish that I could enter his mind for a minute so I could talk to his subconscience. Many times it's just that a mysterious part of our mind is tricking us and making us believe that we cannot do this or that.

If we really get to understand that tomorrow is just a concept (not more maybe-one-day-I will-do-it) we would be more aware about how real today is. Today is the day when we should start working on making our dreams come true. It all starts by saying: what the heck! I CAN DO THIS, I am going to do it, nobody is going to stop me, specially myself. And then you should take a seat and write down a plan, keep it personal, you don't even have to share it with anybody. Make it your wonderful secret plan.

2011 is almost there, this is a wonderful time for planning concrete actions. I am already doing my list and I feel like I'm in fire. It's just so exciting when you have a plan. I just wanted to share these ideas with you today. I don't have anybody to talk with right now because Bill is in a meeting so I felt that I should communicate this idea to you in case you need a push (just like the person that I mentioned before).

See you later!

Elsita :)

Gallery Night Story.

Believe it or not Bill is now in Berlin. It is his very first international travel after the accident. As you can imagine I have been a little nervous because he's still recovering and using his crushes. But he's fine, Bill is the strongest man that I know, really beyond description.


So, last night I took the kiddies to the art gallery. They had fun creating some art with the paper and crayons that I always carry with me in case of "emergency"


(In front of my 4 tiny pieces at the show)

I give them full credit for their outfits.

Diego is wearing Natalie's water boots. And Natalie is wearing Diego's pants plus my scarf. In our family it's all about collaboration :o 


We arrived at 6:00pm but I had to head back home earlier than planned, because Diego came out with some inconvenient idea.


Here you can see me feeling a little tense. Natalie insisted that she wanted to take a picture of me, this is her first attempt. The second attempt never happened because right behind Natalie was Diego trying to get into the "elevator". 

The problem is that there was no elevator in the gallery but a large glass vitrine for art display with a mirror on the bottom. When you look inside the vitrine there is this mirror on the bottom of it that gives you the illusion of a very deep place under the floor (something like this). Diego decided that he wanted to go down that "hole", so he started trying to get into the vitrine. And when he's stock in an idea like that the best thing is to take him away from the source of his obsession. Welcome to the Autism world!

But we weren't mad at him at all. To be honest, Natalie and I spent about a minute admiring what Diego had just discovered. I have seen that vitrine hundreds of times in the past 10 years but I never noticed the wonderful "elevator" effect that Diego was able to see right away.

We got home feeling happy. Natalie and Diego went to bed later and I tried to read a book. But my head kept going back to Diego's discovery. Then I had all these images in my mind about large papercuts and mirrors creating an effect of depth. All of that thanks to Diego's discovery. This is just a little example of how much Diego's unusual way to see the world inspires us everyday.

Elsita :) 

(Now you know why I wasn't at the gallery if you stopped by last night)

Light Bulb Head!

Dear friend,

November was such an intense month for me!

And December won't be different :)

A lot happened, outside and inside my head.


Picture found here.

I love what's happening inside my head.

(the last time I felt this way was I was about 16)

It mostly has to do with an explosion of creative ideas.

I think that because I will be turning 40 next year, my brain is having some kind of "crisis", the most wonderful crisis that I ever had. A positive one.

I am so excited about turning cuarenta!. An old lady once told me that that was the best age for a woman. Now I understand what she meant. I'm already feeling it :) I can't wait to be officially 40, that will happen exactly on May 9th of 2011.

But I have been celebrating for months already (inside my head).

See you soon!

Elsita :)