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Nov. 27  to  December 3rd


Print sale

I'm very excited to do my very first Christmas sale ever on Etsy.

You can now purchase any of these prints for $15 each, instead of $25

There are 13 prints to chose from.

The sale goes from Nov. 27 to December 3rd.

Have a wonderful week and Happy Thanksgiving!

Elsita :)

Which direction do you choose?


Positive and negative are directions.

And we always have the option to chose one. Once we chose a direction in our lives, it becomes an habit. Walking on the chosen road, weather is negative or positive, becomes a way of life.

I have been walking on the positive road since so long, I can't even remember when I started going this way. I'm almost sure that I did it as a way to neutralize the negativism that I was surrounded by when I was a little girl.

This is a little story to illustrate how it works:

I once had to take a bus from Havana to Holguin (in Cuba) it was a long ride, over 12 hours and the heat was unbearable. As soon as I was in the bus I realized that we had air conditioning. Yay!! I was sooo happy, very unusual in Cuba. I thought: this trip is going to be heaven with this air conditioning.

After an hour or so the air conditioning stopped working. The driver said that he was sorry. I immediately thought: Yay!! that's kind of wonderful because air conditioning normally makes me sick.

My then boyfriend was mad at me because he thought that I was crazy. How could I be happy about the broken air conditioning? He was grumpy all the way to one of the provinces. Then, someone was able to make the air conditioning system work again and I went: Yay!! We're so lucky! Heaven is back! My boyfriend was even more mad, he said that I had a lose screw or something like that.

The end of the story is that I had a great trip with and without air conditioning and my boyfriend had a bad one. The circumstances were exactly the same for both of us, the only difference was our state of mind.

I could tell you so many other stories, similar to this one! The thing is that being positive is an art, you need to be creative to find the positive in the negative. If you set up your mind on the positive mode, you will have a much better time going through this amazing and bumpy ride called life :)

My Frida Kahlo Dollhouse.

I took new pictures of my Frida Kahlo dollhouse for you :)

Dollhouses need a deep cleaning once in a while, just like regular houses.

I use canned air because it's so practical.

When all the dust goes away everything look so nice :)

Here are the pictures for you:

F18 copy

F19 copy


F 1 copy

F2 copy

F3 copy

F4 copy

F5 copy

F6 copy

F7 copy

F8 copy

F9 copy

F10 copy

F11 copy

F12 copy

F13 copy

F14 copy

F15 copy

F16 copy

F17 copy

 I made this house for my daughter Natalie many years ago.

The house itself comes from an unfinished wooden kit that I purchased called: 

 The Sugarplum Cottage Dollhouse, by Greenleaf 

 I made some changes to the original kit.

Then, many of the objects in the house I made from different materials.

The rest of them are little treasures that I collected from here and there.

When we have visitors in our home, specially kids, this dollhouse

comes to life because they love to play with it.

Dollhouses are lots of fun for kids and adults :)

Thanks a lot Studio!

Today I would like to share some pictures of my studio with you.

I took them some time ago.

If everything goes as planned, I will be able to spend more time in it in 2011.

My head is full of ideas that I need to put out in a visual way:

in paintings, sculptures, drawings, papercuts etc...

Studio 1

See the little faces on the wall?

That was my friend's idea!

I love it Maiz!

1 copy 

2 Window copy 

3 silla desk copy 

5 jewelry bench copy 

6 dreamy flower copy 

7 sofa pillows copy 2 

9 studio view copy 

10 pens copy 

11 pens copy 

12 flowers 

13 tins 

15 osito 

16 mirror copy 




Studio nuves dreamy600

This last picture was taken at night from my kitchen.

I love looking at my studio from the kitchen at night

when I'm washing the dishes, after the kids go to bed .

I am so extremely grateful to have a place for my art, where

I can enjoy my creative adventures.

Having a studio was my biggest dream when I was a little girl.

I still cannot believe that this dream came true.

I'm eternally grateful for it.

I'm also grateful for my kids, husband, relatives, friends and for my health.

Have a wonderful day!

Elsita :)




Our Halloween in 4 Pictures:)

Haunted house copy

Our Halloween this year was very low key. 

Bloody pumpkin copy

Bill and went trick or treating in our neighborhood with Diego

We faced some bloody scenes like this one :0

Natalie witch copy

Natalie went trick or treating with her friends.

We missed her a lot! Specially Diego.

But she had a great time :)

Bill and daddy copy

 Billy won a prize for the most realistic costume, as a recovering man who fell from 20 feet :)

Can you believe that he's already walking!

He still cannot put all the weigh on his left foot, but he's getting there slowly.

I didn't wear a costume this year :( 

But I will next year :)

Did you have a happy Halloween?