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On my Etsy Store! 12 Hand Cut and Framed Original Silhouettes







P2 small


P3 small


P4 small


P5 small


P6 small






P9 small








They're already listed on my Etsy Store

The price for each one is: $45

I absolutely love them in person!

They look like something found in an antique treasure chest :) 

The outer side of each frame measures: 8.25" x 6.25" (21x16 cm)

The material of the frame is wood and the glass is real glass, not acrylic.

Both papers; the black one that I used for the figures and the ivory one on the background, are acid-free.

I will ship these pieces wrapped in my beautiful bird gift paper. They will be ready to give away as a present to someone special or to yourself. Each piece is ready to hang.

Have a wonderful day!

Elsita :) 




Booster Club

Today I have a couple of questions for you:

Is there any booster club that you know or are part of?



I just became one of the members of the Booster Club at Diego school, which is a public school in our area. As any booster club, the main idea is to raise money for the school, which translates in a better education for our kids. I learned that this group started up last year only, so it needs lots of growing in all directions, from parent involvement to strategies to raise money efficiently.


Diego school is nice and small and the parents are great. I have been getting to know some of them little by little. But the thing is that they're not strongly united. They're great individually but we're missing that sense of group that is the key for the success in any school.

My second question for you is:

Would you share some ideas with me?

Maybe you have some experience from having done this before, from having being part of a booster club. Right now I think that the main thing is to attract parents to the club. I am thinking about how to approach them but I still need to find the best way to do it.

There is already a small group of parents that are willing to put their energy and creativity into the club, but we need to come out with great ideas for raising money. Something great is the club is in the process of becoming a non profit organization, that will help a lot legally. Also, One of the parents is going to invite 2 ladies from another successful booster club to share their secrets with us. Our next meeting will take place on Nov. 3rd.  I'm trying to gather some information and feedback from other parents to bring to the meeting.

I would love to hear from you!

Have a wonderful Friday and a happy weekend!

Elsita :)

(My brother Rene keeps doing better and better everyday, yay!!)

My Brother Rene (update)

Rene and Elsita


Just a short post to let you know that my brother Rene is back home. He is taking antibiotics and it looks like he's slowly recovering from the Pneumonia. Thank you sooo much as always for all the good energy that you have been sending him!

In the picture you see Rene and his daughter Elsa (or Elsita, as we call her). Rene named my niece after me, isn't that nice? I took that photo of them 4 years ago when I visited Cuba with Bill, Miro, Natalie and Diego. So much has happened in 4 years!

Wishing you all the best!

Elsita :)

My Brother Rene.

I am so extremely worry.

My brother Rene is back in the hospital, this time with Pneumonia.

He's feeling very sick.

The radiation therapy had to stop.

Please send him lots of positive energy.

He's going through a very hard time right now.

I will try to keep you updated about how things evolve.




Sweet Drawings :)



These little girls were happily born at night, during the quiet time when the kids are already in bed and Bill is normally reading a book. I love those precious minutes that I spend drawing or doing something creative at night.

These girls are sooo cute in person! I really love how they look.

If you would like to own one of these original little drawings then you can visit my Etsy shop. I already listed them over there.


Elsita :)





A New Quiet Place for Reflection (A New Blog)

Dear friend,

Continuing the idea from my previous post, today I want to open the door to a new, simple, down to earth place that I've created to share some things with you from the bottom of my heart. I have named that place:


That blog is dedicated to all the things that we somehow know, but have a hard time seeing, accepting or understanding. I want that blog to be like a nice, clean and quiet room for reflection. I often dream about having a room in my house painted in light blue, with nothing in it. Where I can spend time in just sitting on the foor, on a big pillow, meditating and reconnecting with myself. I can't have that room in a physical way right now, but since with imagination we can make our dreams come true, I have decided to build that room in a virtual space: A light blue room where we can meet once in a while and spend some special time.

See you there.

Elsita :)