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My Nephew Alex is Turning 11 today :)


Alex 11 

Alex today, with his Mario birthday cake.


I'm so proud of you Alex.

You're the nephew that everyone wants to have.

I'm a lucky Aunt for having you in my life.

You're so loving and caring and sensitive and original.

I have always loved your unique sense of humor as well. Being around you makes me always happy :)

Alex junior en seacuarium 2


Alex in 2002

I treasure all the memories of you as a little boy. I cannot believe that you're already turning 11. 


Alex perrito 


You have always been an animal lover. This photo is from 2002




Do you know how many people care about you?

Many! Because you always bring something unique to other people's lives.



Here you were graduating from Kindergarten. This is a very special picture for me. Your cousin Diego just started Kindergarten this year and one day he will be graduating just like you in this picture. 

Cami Alex perrito 

Here you are with your beautiful sister Camila and your beloved doggy in 2005. 

Alex, today I'm to celebrating your birthday from the distance and so is Bill, and your cousins over here in Los Angeles. 

There is so much that I would like to tell you mi sobrino! But here are a few words for you:

Just between you and me: 

I know that around this age you're going to start asking yourself many questions and one of them will be: why am I different? My answer will always be an affirmation: we are all different Alex. Each one of us on planet Earth is like a small universe, there aren't two people that are the same. Thank God that that's the way it is! Otherwise imagine how boring everything would be :)

 Each one of us has a gift for something, even if that something is the smallest thing ever.You're fortunate to have many gifts. You're an extremely  intelligent boy with an amazing memory and a great curiosity to learn new things. You love to research and find out about everything all by yourself. 

Also, wherever you go, people love you because you're so transparent and authentic and genuine. I love it how you always remember people's names. Did you know that most of us have a hard time doing that? Years after you meet someone you still remember her/his name. Remember Janice? Diego's therapist? She only saw you a couple of times and she still remembers you even though she doesn't work with Diego anymore. Not too long ago I got an e-mail from her and guess what? She asked me about you, she wanted to know how you were doing.

Alex, you should know that you're a very special person, you're unique and you have a whole life in front of you for realizing your dreams. I cannot wait to celebrate each one of your accomplishments in the future. You rock Alex! Please, don't ever, for a second, think that you cannot realize your dreams. I want you to know that if you ever need my help for anything I will always be here for you. Maybe one day we will even end up designing some of the video games that I know you will be creating, that would be so exciting :)

I want to send you a big hug today!!!!

And all my love!!!

Happy Birthday!!!!

Can't wait to see you again!

Tu Tia Elsita :)

Dolls ;)

4 dollies copy 

Today I'm here with a colorful photo of 4 of my girls :)

From left to right: Mira, Antoinette, Carita and Valeria.

I'm in love with the 4 of them!

Soon, I will be posting individual pictures of them on my blog about dolls.

I cannot wait!

Also, I just wanted to let you know that I'm so happy!

I don't ever know why :o 

It must be because I often think about what could have gone wrong with Bill's fall in Malaysia. Then I see him and I cannot believe that he's home, alive and recovering. He could have been underground instead, do you know what I mean? But he's still with us and I hope that he will stay for about 100 more years.


Diego and his New Life/School (update)

Yay!! Good news!

Diego had a great first day at school yesterday!

No crying involved at all, that was a big surprise :)

Diego with sponge copy 

Different elements that had to do with such a nice beginning:

1. Great teacher

2. Great classroom Aid 

3. Great personal Aid (yay! Diego has a personal helper :))

4. A little bit of familiarity with the place (all the previous driving-around-the school-with-him planted some nice little seeds in his mind)

5. Small class size.

6. Nice and clean school (he cares a lot about things being clean)

7. Genuine positivism from Bill and I, Natalie and Miro, regarding this transition. 

8. And the fact that Diego is a curious little person, he was curious to see what the whole new school thing was all about after so much anticipation.


His favorite thing on his first day at school?: A big yellow sponge!

I was lucky to see him from the fence (he never saw me) before pickup time. He seemed so nice and calm. With his little hand he was holding a big yellow sponge. Something as simple as that sponge was what fascinated him the most. He kept talking about the sponge on our way back home. He also said (several times) I miss you Mommy, I miss you so much (which is his way to say that he missed me when he was at school)

Mind copy

I can definitely "see" lots of feelings going on in his mind right now, but they don't seem to be out of control. I am doing my best to help him organize his mind. I talk about the things that I know he's wondering about like his previous teacher (he adores him) his old friends, old school. Our little talks seem to be helping a lot.

I wish that I had a life coach whenever there was a significant change in my life. I never had one, but now I appreciate what I learned from figuring things out by myself because I can now help Diego. Little people like Diego do need guidance in every step along the way. One day he won't need as much help as he does now, that's out goal for the future, but right now I am so lucky to be able to provide him with lots of support! 

I just wanted to share this with you and also, thank you so much for the good wishes for Diego and the rest of the family in my previous post.

All my best wishes for you as well!!

Elsita :)

A New Beginning for Diego.

Our little man is starting a new life tomorrow; he will be one of the new students in a special class of about 13 children or maybe less, we will see tomorrow. New school, new teacher, new friends, it will be hard. We're excited about it but also a little nervous about how he will experience this huge change. 

DIEGO small 

If there is something that make children with Autism suffer is change. He will need to create a whole new map of his new life in his mind to feel safe and that takes time. But Bill and I have done every possible thing to help Diego in this transition. 

Diego outside
 Today I drove him by his new school in order to create a happy anticipation mood in his mind. I have done this several times before, but today was the last time before school really starts tomorrow. He was happy, positive and trying to climb the fence so he could get into his new school. but I explained him that school is closed on Sunday.

That part was easy because it was only the two of us, but tomorrow it will be a completely different experience with lots of new faces around him. I am sure that he will figure out how to deal with all the changes little by little. One day it will feel natural for him going to the new school. But right now he will need lots of understanding and support and here we are for it.

Please, wish our little man lots of strength to deal with this new face in his life! 

On the other hand, Natalie is starting the second grade in the same school as last year and she couldn't be more excited! Go Natalie!! You rock! And on the other hand (I have 3 hands) Miro is soon starting college. I cannot believe it. That's a huge transition as well as you can imagine but he's ready for it. go Miro!!

Now I want to send you a hug and all the best to every person out there who is going through a transition. New beginnings are hard but they help us grow, change is good. 


Elsita :)

El Hombre is Back!!

I'm still trying to believe this amazing fact: Billy is back home!

Our hero is back and I can't even tell you how happy we are. He and my brother arrived over here on Saturday. My brother just left today, he's already on his way back to Miami, Florida. 

Now Bill is 100% under the care of nurse Elsita Mora and I have to say that he's the best patient ever. His condition is not easy but he pushes himself to do what he has to do in order to recover. He needs lots of rest but also lots of body movement to stimulate the circulation of blood and muscle strength.


(In a Hong Kong street market, during a short stop on the way back home from Malaysia. Taken from my brother's cell phone)

Having Bill back with us is wonderful, moving, emotional, amazing. We were all around him in the bed on Saturday, just enjoying his presence and it was like having a valuable treasure at home. The kids were extremely excited to see him in person and not via Skype. 

Natalie made Bill a crown out of paper and tons of drawings. Diego, as always, gave Bill the special gift his words, here is an example: Diego kept staring at Bill's face, then back at Bill's broken foot, then back at Bill's face... and then, with a rather solemn expression he said: Daddy (pause) can I break your other foot? :O Diego surely knows how to chose his words carefully. What happens is that he's a perfectionist and in his mind it makes a lot more sense to have 2 broken feet instead of one, you know, it's more even :) we laughed like for a minute. 

I just wanted to stop for a minute today and share this news with you. Now I need to go back to my nursing job. 


Elsita :)

(I'm sorry if you have difficulties reading the words in this post, I am having problems with the typepad editor)