What I Leaf Told me :)
Pictures of Beautiful Places (For my brother Rene)

Our Miniature Gardens Make us so Happy! :)

Terrarium 1 


Terrarium 2 

Terrarium 3 

Terrarium 4 

Terrarium 5 

Girl small

Elephant small 

(I made this little elephant myself out of wool felt and paperclay)

These are some of the terrariums from our collection.

I'm so excited to share them with you!

Natalie and I made them all, using nature's ingredients and lots of love :)

Also, I just have to let you know that we're so happy over here!!! Because the Dr. said that my brother's lung (which had collapsed after his surgery) is coming back to life. It's coming back little by little and that's something huge, like a miracle! NATURE and LOVE: they are two of the most wonderful mysteries ever, they can make miracles happen.