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What I Leaf Told me :)

Leaf big 

I have been learning so much from studying this dry leaf!

The magic is in the veins, which go from very thick to very fine.

In this leaf I see 4 main kinds of veins.

The hardest ones to spot are the super fine-fragile looking ones. 

I notice that everything in nature is made out of this kind of construction:

A combination of elements in different sizes that go from large to microscopic. b

Leaf big small 

The mind, in my opinion, is also "made" out of this kind of pattern.

There are the main ideas, thoughts, memories and then there are the other ones that are harder to notice, unless you put them under the "microscope". 

I think that we can study the mind in the same way that we study a leaf. 

I put myself under the "microscope" the other day to see why I have been afraid of driving on the highway for so long. I found a very thin, almost invisible vein that took me back to Cuba and to my ex. He used to repeat over and over that I was never going to be able to drive at all, because I was always in the clouds. He also said that if I even tried to do it I was going to have a serious accident, SPECIALLY IF I DROVE ON THE HIGHWAY...and bla, bla, bla...

I used to think that he was so wrong. And he was, because I actually learned how to drive and I now consider myself a pretty focused and responsible driver. But when it came to driving on the freeway something subtle happened: that thin little vein generated by my ex, that included the words serious accident, somehow got stock in the wrong place. So I came to believe that somehow, for some deep reason that I could not explain, I was going to have a serious accident if I drove on the freeway.

I am so grateful now that my fear has vanished. By driving on the freeway for the first time I learned that I could do anything if I believe that I can do it. I also learned that people can really hurt your trust in yourself with words. So let's be careful when that happens.

By studying your own mind you could find thin veins of fear that were introduced in you by other people (parents, friends, relatives, even unknown people). The most important thing is to find them and understand that they're not really part of who you are, they're just foreign elements that need to get out of your system.

Wishing you a wonderful fear-free day!

Elsita :)