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Growing Up

Something that I'm seeing very clearly in these days is that behind the hard times, there's always important lessons to learn. Deep human growth comes from dealing with life difficulties and challenges. It now comes to mind one particular thing that happened to me when I was 12 years old. It was something traumatic but that experience shaped important aspects of my personality that made me become a strong girl later on. 

Growing up 

I can't remember one hard experience from the past that didn't teach me something new about myself. Only when we are pushed away from our comfort zone we get to expand ourselves and grow up a little bit more. And growing up has a lot to do with giving and with letting go of hard feelings toward yourself, other people and the negative life events in general.

My point is that hard times are not just hard times, they're also open doors, new opportunities for growth. I just wanted to share these thoughts with you, because maybe you're going through something difficult right now as well. If that's the case then try to remember that there is always something positive in the negative, even if it sounds contradictory. The key is in always trying to see beyond the pain.

Take care.

Elsita :)


Billy had his surgery and it was successful. Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart for all the good wishes and e-mails. Things are not as simple as I would like them to be though, but I am letting life unfold one day at a time. Bill is going to stay over there in Malaysia until his body is ready for such a long flight back home. We do not know at this point how long it will take.

Something wonderful is that my brother Alex (the angel of our family) is flying to Malaysia in order to support Bill emotionally. Bill adores Alex. It's a very long trip but he should be there on Sunday. Right now Alex is here in LA with us (what a gift!). He had some problems with the flight booking (3 different flights to get to Malaysia) so he's spending the whole day with us.

 Once home, it will take Bill a long time and lots of physio-therapy to recover his strength. Right now he's very weak and in pain. His foot hurts a lot as well as the rest of his body and his pelvis, which is traumatized. We haven't talked a lot over the phone because it's hard for him, but he promised that he's going to be OK.

3 silla desk copy 

(My desk, from where I wrote this post)

Again, all I can say is that I am extremely grateful that he survived this serious fall. 20 feet is about a 3rd floor. It is a real miracle that Billy is alive now. I want to thank whatever element made possible for him to survive (the fact that the ground was not concrete but wood, also that he had just gotten some new shoes with a lot of cushioning on the bottom (thanks  a lot nike shoes), the position in which his body landed...) 

In the middle of all the current events in my life, I cannot stop thinking about how lucky I am. I have a wonderful husband who survived a big fall, I have a wonderful brother who is very sick but loves every minute of his life, I have my wonderful children, wonderful relatives and friends that genuinely care about us, I have my art and my garden and the joy of knowing that every day is a new day. I wake up in the morning knowing that every day brings a new opportunity for us to do something right, something good. And what I am doing right now is loving and appreciating all the things that I have and that includes you. 

Peace and love to all.

And we will be fine over here no matter what.


My Beloved Husband.



Bill just had an accident in Malaysia. He fell from a height of about 20 feet while scouting a location for a movie over there (the fall was from something like a stage, in a movie a theater). He will be having surgery there tomorrow. I talked with him and he's in good spirits but in a lot of pain regardless of the pain medication. His heel is broken in 3 pieces. Fortunately he's in good hands over there. Please send him lots of good energy so he can have a successful surgery. 

We're hopping that everything will be OK in the end. I am extremely grateful that he's alive, the fall was really serious.



Burning Hot in California and Perfect Shoes for the Summer :)

Garden 1 copy 

It's extremely hot on this side of the world!

We had to rescue our plants. The kids and I moved them from one side of our deck to the other, where there is a little bit of shade. We also had to install that green umbrella to protect the plants that didn't get any shade from the wall. If those plants could talk they would give the kids and I a BIG thank you.

(You're welcome :)

Garden 2 copy 

oThey look so much happier now!

0Garden 3 copy 


We have been talking a lot about this heat. So, Natalie, as the practical/creative person that she is, had to come up with some kind of invention in order to make life easier under this temperature. So she created a pair of Paper shoes for Diego! :o


Diego paper shoes copy 

(Diego couldn't open his eyes for this picture because he said that they were going to get burn by the sun)

All you need to make this type of shoe is some paper and tape. No special cutting or measuring. Just wrap the paper around your feet and tape each shoe on the top. They're guaranteed to keep your feet nice and fresh.

Paper shoes copy 

These shoes expire in about 15 minutes if you don't walk a lot in them or in a minute and a half if there is a lot of running involved.


Happy Summer!

(Billy, how do you like our plants in the new place? We hope that you're having a wonderful time in Malaysia. Missing you!!!! All of us :)


Pictures of Beautiful Places (For my brother Rene)







The other day I asked my brother Rene over the phone if there was something in particular that he would love to do if he could. He said that he would love to go away for three months to some quiet place where he could enjoy nature, relax and heal. 

But unfortunately he's now back in the hospital. The hard thing about my brother's condition is that we never know what's going to happen next. One day something great happens with his body and next day it could be the other way around. The only thing that doesn't change at all is his amazing positive spirit. 

I found these pictures today and I immediately thought about Rene. If I could do magic I would help him and his wife go to one of these beautiful places. But right now we're all praying for his recovery. We hope that he can go back home soon.

Rene, estas en mis pensamientos cada dia. Un abrazo enorme mano!

Elsita :)

(The pictures come from a copy of  Luxe magazine which was left on my doorsteps this morning, for free. Thanks for it Luxe magazine)

Our Miniature Gardens Make us so Happy! :)

Terrarium 1 


Terrarium 2 

Terrarium 3 

Terrarium 4 

Terrarium 5 

Girl small

Elephant small 

(I made this little elephant myself out of wool felt and paperclay)

These are some of the terrariums from our collection.

I'm so excited to share them with you!

Natalie and I made them all, using nature's ingredients and lots of love :)

Also, I just have to let you know that we're so happy over here!!! Because the Dr. said that my brother's lung (which had collapsed after his surgery) is coming back to life. It's coming back little by little and that's something huge, like a miracle! NATURE and LOVE: they are two of the most wonderful mysteries ever, they can make miracles happen.

What I Leaf Told me :)

Leaf big 

I have been learning so much from studying this dry leaf!

The magic is in the veins, which go from very thick to very fine.

In this leaf I see 4 main kinds of veins.

The hardest ones to spot are the super fine-fragile looking ones. 

I notice that everything in nature is made out of this kind of construction:

A combination of elements in different sizes that go from large to microscopic. b

Leaf big small 

The mind, in my opinion, is also "made" out of this kind of pattern.

There are the main ideas, thoughts, memories and then there are the other ones that are harder to notice, unless you put them under the "microscope". 

I think that we can study the mind in the same way that we study a leaf. 

I put myself under the "microscope" the other day to see why I have been afraid of driving on the highway for so long. I found a very thin, almost invisible vein that took me back to Cuba and to my ex. He used to repeat over and over that I was never going to be able to drive at all, because I was always in the clouds. He also said that if I even tried to do it I was going to have a serious accident, SPECIALLY IF I DROVE ON THE HIGHWAY...and bla, bla, bla...

I used to think that he was so wrong. And he was, because I actually learned how to drive and I now consider myself a pretty focused and responsible driver. But when it came to driving on the freeway something subtle happened: that thin little vein generated by my ex, that included the words serious accident, somehow got stock in the wrong place. So I came to believe that somehow, for some deep reason that I could not explain, I was going to have a serious accident if I drove on the freeway.

I am so grateful now that my fear has vanished. By driving on the freeway for the first time I learned that I could do anything if I believe that I can do it. I also learned that people can really hurt your trust in yourself with words. So let's be careful when that happens.

By studying your own mind you could find thin veins of fear that were introduced in you by other people (parents, friends, relatives, even unknown people). The most important thing is to find them and understand that they're not really part of who you are, they're just foreign elements that need to get out of your system.

Wishing you a wonderful fear-free day!

Elsita :) 

Introducing the Palm Tree Bike!

Bike copy 

Natalie, in an effort to bring a little bit of nature to the locomotive world, came up with this idea: The Palm Tree Bike (patent pending).

Palm tree bikes copy 

She discovered a new use for the weeds that grow in our backyard. 

The idea has been a hit so far! 

If you want to join the waiting list for the Palm Tree Bike just let us know :0


Wooden Cameo with Paper Scene :)

Cameo 1 copy 

I have been so looking forward to creating something tiny and happy :)

Cameo2 copy 

So, I decided to make this little paper scene. 

It represents something as simple as a girl enjoying nature.

Cameo mano copy 

I also wanted to share the words below with you:  

 Adopt the pace of nature:  her secret is patience.  

~Ralph Waldo Emerson 

I couldn't agree more with Mr. Emerson. When life seems to spin around out of control all you need is to understand that everything is a process, a cycle and that eventually things will settle down again :)


(The cameo is already listed on my Etsy store)


Walking like a Champion!

I am so happy!

Because my brother Rene called me from Miami today.

It's the first time that I hear his voice since I came back from Miami, he sounded great and so positive! I could not believe it when I heard his voice, what a huge surprise!


Walking like a champion 2 

Rene is doing amazing under the circumstances, because his mind is just in the right place. It's amazing the role that the mind plays in a person's life. 

Walking like a champion 

Here is another piece of news that I cannot wait to share with you:

Remember how once or twice I said that I was afraid (really afraid) of going on the freeway?

Well, I'm not anymore! I drove on the freeway for the first time in my life on Saturday.

I still cannot believe it! I drove for 2 hours, I took Bill and the kids to the mountains.

I did it inspired by my brother Rene. Because he's a champion and he thinks that anything is possible if you really want it. As I told you before, he's my best teacher right now, Rene's teaching me how precious life really is.