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So Hard

Dear friend,

I am going through a hard time right now trying to process a sad news: my oldest brother who lives in Florida with his wife and daughters has been diagnosed with cancer. We just found out about this yesterday and it has been so hard. At first I reacted in a calm way, I think that I was a little bit in denial, but now it just hit me and I am in shock. 

He will have an open-heart operation soon and then chemotherapy. The tumor is located in one of the arteries on his heart. This is going to be a difficult process for him. But we're all close now supporting him and each other. My Mom is devastated as you can imagine. I am planning to fly to Florida for the operation.

Please, send lots of positive thoughts to my brother Rene so he can have a successful operation and recovery.

I will try to come back here when I have a chance.

Thank you so much in advance for your support.


Nine Characters :)

Here are some cute characters that I created the other day.

I should make tiny paperclay dolls out of these little people :)


How I created them:

Step one: I drew the design on paper with a pen and I scanned it at high resolution. (Above)


Step two: Using Photoshop, I applied another image on the drawing (this image/layer is a picture of a very old page from a book) 


Step three: I colored the figures on a third (transparent) layer, also using Photoshop, in the multiply mode to get the watercolor look.

If you're familiar with creating digital art, these three-step explanation will make sense. Otherwise this is something that you could learn by exploring Photoshop tutorials out there on the internet. That's how I learned to do this thingy.

Happy Monday!

Elsita :)

Emotional Eating

Boca 1 copy 

Do we eat for the right reasons?

What's our relationship with food?

A few months ago I started having some new mental clarity about food. 

I started thinking about how often we see food as a comfort thing and as a security blanket. The problem starts when we completely lose the sense of what food really is and we start using it as a refuge and as a scape to deal with life problems/pressures.

Boca 2 copy 

I am talking about emotional eating. This is something that I have been dealing with in a mild way for a long time, without even knowing it. It is something that affects my relationship with food. 

The other day I had some singular call from my inner alarm clock, a little voice that said: why don't you do a little research on emotional eating? Why don't you see if someone can give you some ideas about this kind of problem and how to deal with it?

Boca 3 copy 

So, I started my research and that's how I found what I now consider a treasure! I am talking about a book written by Roger Gould. You know how some people have a gift for something in particular, they deeply understand one particular area of life and see things in that area that the rest of the people can't see. I consider Roger Gould one of those gifted people. He is an authority on adult psychological development and emotional eating is one of the areas of expertise.

Reading his book has opened so many new doors in my mind! Now, I can finally understand how the cycle of emotional eating works and how I can stop it.

If you find yourself eating for the wrong reasons now and then, this book could help you a lot. I highly recommend it.

And now I wish you a happy Friday and a fun weekend!

Elsita :)

(And HERE is something sweet to look at :)


Sibling Rivalry :o

Natalie's work copy 


kWe're now experiencing something totally new between Natalie and Diego: sibling rivalry. Some of this rivalry/competition is happening in such a funny way :) Here is a little story to illustrate this:

Above you can see how Natalie drew her version of the girl in one of her favorite books. She came running to show it to me saying: Mommy!!! Look what I did!! Of course, I praised her and she was very happy and proud.


Diego's work copy 

Diego observed everything with a quiet presence but then, in one second, he run away! I wondered what he was up to. 

He came back to me a few minutes later holding the drawing above plus the cover of one of his favorite DVD's and he said, just like Natalie: Mommy!! Look what I did!!!

I praised him the same way that I praised Natalie and he was so proud!

Yay!!!! For the first time Diego is feeling like competing with Natalie and that says a lot about his brain development. As simple as this looks it's a pretty sophisticated thing for child with Autism.

Natlie and Diego copy

In the end I don't want them to be rivals of course. But I am sure that that will never be a real problem in the future. Because they absolutely love each other.


My twitter


Dear friend, 

I just wanted to let you know that I had to cancel my old Twitter account due to some technical problems. But I was able to start a new one. Today I wanted to invite you to follow me over there if you have an account as well, because it wasn't possible to transfer my old contacts to the new account.

HERE is a link to my new Twitter

See you there!

Elsita :)





My Table.

Papercut table copy 


I took this picture the other day (at night, the kids were already in bed).

All the things that you see in the picture were on my kitchen table.

It was so nice and quiet. 

That same night I was able to finish this piece.

Papercutting will always be like flying into a magic land to me.

Whenever I cut paper I feel so free. 

That night I had to keep reminding myself:

OK, you need to stop and clean the house and get everything ready

for tomorrow.

I eventually did it but I went to bed with a smile on my face.

Have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend my friend!

Elsita :)

A Good Couple

A Couple 

"Ideally, couples need three lives; one for him, one for her and one for them together"

Jacqueline Bisset

I think that you can only have a good relationship with your partner if you have a good relationship with yourself, if you have a personal world that you're happy with. When I was a lot younger I thought that I had to find lots of the things that I needed in another person. And I was frustrated thinking: he doesn't understand me.

Many years later I see that what happened is that I didn't understand myself the way I do now. By the time I married Bill I was finally ready to be in a good relationship. 

It's hard and sometimes impossible to find that special person to share your life with. Finding that special someone is somehow good luck, you don't have a lot of control on that. But if you find him/her then the next step is to grow together as a couple. Being in a relationship (married or not) is an art itself and it requires some skills and lots of practice. It takes going through hard experiences together and also through happy experiences. It takes positivism in order to constantly see your partner's qualities. And it takes lots of self-love to know that your partner can support you but he cannot become you and do your life for you.

As close as two people might be, it's extremely important that they remain their own strong person when they're apart. 

These are thoughts that I have in my mind because I know that one day Natalie is going to ask me about relationships. I want to know what to tell her, but more important: I want her not to be afraid of experiencing life through her own future relationships. It's important to listen to good advices but experience is the best school in the end. 



Elsita :)

Diego. The Rock Star!

Rock Star 

Diego was a rock star yesterday. Yay!!

We took him to his friend's birthday party.

How fun!

All the kids dressed like rock stars to make a video.

The guys that are putting the video together are professionals.

They have a studio and everything.

We cannot wait to see the final product.

It will be something to treasure for the future.

(I haven't been around my blogs lately because there have been a lot going on on this side of the world: Miro's graduation, Natalie's and Diego's birthday party, Bill's Mom is visiting, Bill just left to Egypt...(Egypt yay!!) But I will be back to normal soon :)

Have a wonderful day my friend!

Elsita :)

I AM (A Poem by Natalie)

Natalie's poem 2010 copy 

This is a poem by Natalie written the day before she turned 7.

Apart from being a great artist I think that she could also be a great writer when she grows up.

After reading this poem many, many, many times I saw so many layers between lines. I think that it's very deep for such a young girl.

The very last line touched me deeply.


Also, I would like to invite you to meet Martina over here :)


Latest Picture of Natalie and Diego Together:)

Natalie & diego copy 

I look at this picture 

And I cannot believe 

That I'm the lucky mother 

Of these two precious children

What a gift

Life has given me!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!


(And thank you sooo much my friend for the wonderful book

recommendations from the previous post! Yay!