10 New Cuties on Etsy!
My Mini Architect :)

Victorian Inspired Cameo Pendant

Necklace copy 

 I'm so excited about this cameo pendant!

Necklace cajita copy 

It features a one-of-a-kind miniature papercut suspended in glaze, inside this unique bezel that I blogged about last year.  The bezel was carved by myself in wax and casted by professionals in brass. I instructed the casters to give the bezel an antique look finish and they did an exquisite job.

Necklace cajita 2 copy 

This pendant is so beautiful in person. It looks like an antique treasure found in a secret jewelry box from the Victorian era.

Necklace back copy 

It's signed on the back with primitive characters to accent the handmade quality of the object.

Necklace mano copy 

The chain is vintage, found at the Pasadena flea market here in Los Angeles, California. It's 16" long and the metal is brass with the appearance of rose gold, just beautiful. The bezel measures 1 3/4" x 11/4"

This piece was available for purchase on my Etsy shop but it's already sold out (the price was $96).

I hope that you enjoy it the pictures!


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