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CATCHING THE BIG FISH. Meditation, Consciousness, and Creativity

One of the most inspiring books that I have read this year is: Catching the Big Fish by David Lynch

1 p 

2 p 

3 p 

These illustrations were inspired by the book and the main idea behind it.

The main idea is that there is the small fish (everything in the surface of life)

 and then there is the big fish (those things that are somewhere deep in you

 and are not easy to see).

In order to find the big fish, we need to learn how to "fish" (meditate, think

 deeper, look at the world and at ourselves with a fresh vision, understand our

 connection with the universe...)

I couldn't agree more with David Lynch. This tiny book has brought so much

 light into my mind! Thank you Mr. Lynch for this treasure.

I don't want to talk too much about the book because I highly recommend 

you to read it. I am sure that you will appreciate it. It's one of those books

that will stay with you forever.

Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend my friend!!

Elsita :)


Jake copy 

Natalie has been taking some commissioned work lately.

Portraits of her classmates mainly.

She doesn't charge for the job because all she cares about is her friend's approval.

Jake's portrait is her latest creation and the piece will be delivered today. We're looking forward to Jake's feedback.

Jake could break Natalie's heart or the opposite. But whatever the feedback is she just wants her customers to know that she tried her best. And to make her thoughts visible nothing better than writing them clearly on the paper itself.



Natalie's Drawings

Natalie artist1b 

The other day I found these little drawings that Natalie created and I decided to put them in my diary. I'm always collecting Natalie's drawings. They make me so happy! Remember Picasso's blue period? Famous artists are supposed to go through different creative periods and Natalie is now going through her big-eyed-girl period :)

 Wishing you a beautiful wednesday!

Elsita :) 

(Yay! Something new HERE)


You and Yourself :)

You and Yourself 

One of the things that I enjoy the most is writing and drawing on a blank book. The kind of writing and drawing that I keep for myself. It's a personal experience because what I write and draw is not something that anybody else could make sense of, only I know what it means and it has to do with my emotional world. 

I started doing this when I was about 8 years old and I cannot imagine my life without it. It's silly but very important to me.


Do you have any kind of special personal ritual that you enjoy?

Anything that helps you keep the connection with yourself?

Natalie's Tooth Fairy

Farytooth detail copy 

Farytooth copy 

Today I wanted to share something fun that I made the other day: something to keep Natalie's milk teeth safe forever. The teeth go in the red little pocket. This is something to hang on the wall. I wish that I could see my milk teeth from when I was Natalie's age. But they're gone forever, that why I decided to create this special teeth holder. In a couple of years I will make one for Diego as well.

Happy Wednesday!

Elsita :)

(And also, you can see Chie, a new doll, right here)


Mother's Day and my Birthday :)

I had the best time on Sunday celebrating both Mother's Day and my Birthday. 

I got great presents but the most special one was what Natalie wrote for me in two of her many drawings and cards:




The meaning behind those words is so deep, that I am still trying to process them. The fact that Natalie can articulate these ideas at only 6 is so amazing to me. When I was 6 I wasn't even aware about the idea of my Mom taking care of me. I would have never thought about thanking her for it. Only now I can deeply understand the very idea of what it is to take care of someone.


Natalie impresses me everyday. I was so moved that I had to have a little conversation with her about the beautiful things that she wrote. Regarding: I LOVE YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING, I told her that sometimes I was afraid of her not knowing how much I love her. Because life is so busy and Diego's needs are so demanding. Bill and I know very well how much extra attention Natalie needs, to compensate for all the energy that she sees us putting on Diego. In response to my words and with a beautiful smile on her face, she kept saying: I know (she meant it).

Natalie seems to know a lot more than we imagine. She's such a sensitive soul, she cares so much about the people around her. That's why I love her with all my heart and that's why I was so extremely moved by her words.

Being a parent is the hardest job ever but getting back the unique love from our children is the biggest gift that anybody could get. Yesterday, I felt really proud of being the mother of my children.


Elsita :)

My Mini Architect :)

Diego's block artwork 

I just had to share this picture with you.

I got it from Diego school and it was sent to me by the school director.

Diego was so proud of his construction that she had to send us a picture.

I am sooo impressed!!!!

And proud!!!

We're talking about someone who not too long ago had the hardest time

building a 3 block tower.

Can you believe it???? 

You're amazing Diego!!!!

Now I want to wish all the mothers in the world a beautiful celebration on Mother's day. I will be having a very special celebration because on that day is also my birthday. I will be 39! (Gayle my friend, THANK YOU for the card! I just got it and it made me very happy!)


Elsita :)

I also invite you to jump over here to meet someone teeny named Dini :)

Some New Old Paintings from 13 Years Ago.

El alimento del sembrador es la espera copy

These paintings were in Japan participating in different shows since 1997. I never thought that I was going to see them again but they made it back to me 13 years later. I feel so lucky! 

La Mitad de las cosas quedan dentro. 1997 copy 

When I left Cuba I lost connection with the japanese curator that had these paintings, (there are 9 in total). Once in the USA I was never able to reconnect with him.

De donde vienes a donde vas. 1997 copy 

But he is an honest person so he kept placing the pieces in different shows for all these years and never gave up trying to find me. He didn't want to sell them without my permission. In the end he found me and at my request, the paintings were shipped to my studio. Full circle!

It's great meeting my past in the form of shapes and colors. These paintings talk to me in a very special way. They make me remember so many things! I was only 26 when I created them.

I hope that you enjoy them.

Elsita :)

(Size: 18" x 13" each, medium: Acrylic paint on paper)