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10 New Cuties on Etsy!











I am sooo excited about these new cuties!

I always have the best time creating them.

They're already listed on my Etsy shop.

I hope that you enjoy them!

Elsita :)


(Also, I invite you to click HERE to see the little painting and the portfolio for Leah my new doll)

A Slideshow: Our Walk for Autism on April 24 of 2010




Our Walk for Autism is always an amazing experience. It's wonderful seeing so many families representing their unique children. This special event makes us feel part of something huge that has everything to do with love, dedication and hope. With the walk for Autism we bring social awareness about the world that Diego is part of. There are still many secrets about that world that we need to understand. It's a fight that many of us are involved in, but in that fight the main warriors are our autistic children themselves. They need to do double and triple work to achieve the things that are easy for the rest of us. They work so hard everyday, at school and at the daily therapies. Diego is the strongest fighter in our family, he inspires us everyday and for that I say: THANK YOU BUDDY, FOR ROCKING OUR WORLD.


1 Diego and me 

2 The family 

Please visit this link for something new :)

If Elsa and Bill were cookies :)

Bill and Elsa cookie

This is how Bill and I would look if we were cookies :o

The credits for the creations above go to Bill, he made these cookies for me some time ago and I had been excited about sharing them with you since then. 

I am so glad that we're not cookies!!!! (sorry Billy)

I think that we look better as people :) I keep trying to find my face in that Elsa cookie but no success so far)

But the truth is that the cookie-looking cookies were definitely delicious. 

Yum, yum.


And now, I would like to invite you to jump over HERE for some news :)


Freckles :)

Natalie april 2010 con fondo.600 

Today I have this beautiful portrait of Natalie to celebrate her freckles :)

I have a little game that she loves and this is how it goes:

I look at her face very worry and say: Hey little freckle! What are you doing

down here, you're supposed to be on Natalie's cheek!

So I "take" the little mischievous freckle from her chin and return 

it to her cheek.

Natalie is still sooo innocent! She really believes

that there is a tiny mischievous freckle trying to go away from her chick :)

What I like the most about this game is that it has made her

enjoy the idea of having freckles :)



And HERE there is something new to look at. YAY!! 






A Smile

Diego's smile 

Dear friend:

I am so happy, for so many reasons!

One of them is my new blog and the wonderful comments that you left on it.

Thank you a million for them! Each one means a lot to me.

Another big reason is that my two children are doing great.

(Today Diego has an important evaluation, Bill and I will be there with him.

Please wish him lots of luck!)

This weekend we were up in the mountains with the kids and it was fun.

I took Natalie and Diego to an area where they love to go while Bill was doing some work.

Diego saw an old man wearing a big hat so he run towards him 

 as fast as he could. Natalie and I run after him as you can imagine.

Then, he stood up in from of the super tall man with the hat and said:


The man wasn't that happy with Diego's idea but Diego kept saying:




All I got to say was: OK sweetie, I think that now we can say bye

to Mister Cowboy... Bye!!!!!

And we run to my car fast because I think that Mister Cowboy was almost 

ready to say something wrong that I didn't want Diego to hear.

You know, not everyone out there with a big hat has a great sense of humor :o

But then we couldn't stop laughing in the car!!!

Thank you Mister Cowboy for making our weekend!!!

And here I leave you with one of Diego's special smiles.

He has many different ones!

This one is the camera smile.

Have a great Monday!

Elsita :)



In my previous post I said that I had a great surprise for you. 

Today, you can finally see it. Yay!!

Just click HERE to find out what it is :)

See you there!

Elsita :)

(So sorry friends! I had some technical problems with the link above but it should be working now. Thank you for your patience!)

See you on April 16th!

Dear friend,

 My Dad is leaving next week. So this week and next week is going to be our last opportunity to spend time together. I don't even know if I will be able to see him again. Once he's back in Cuba it will feel like he's in another planet, that's how hard the communication with the island is. I am making lots of videos with my Dad so I can watch them after he leaves and imagine that he's very close to us. My Dad is only 73, I hope that he can live to be a hundred and fifty! :)

Bird 5

I will be back here on Friday, April 16. I can't wait! Because I have a great surprise for you. I have been working on it for a while  Yay!!!! I am so excited!!!

Can you guess what my surprise is????

The picture above is just a little advance :o

See you soon!!

Elsita :)