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Diego's Drawing :)

Diego's drawing 

Here we have a drawing by Diego. I just wanted to share it with you. Who could imagine that he was going to be able to draw like this one day?

His fine motor skills used to be so low. But now he's getting better and better.

In this drawing you see him (in green) on the left. You also see a rainbow, birds, clouds, trees. A perfect world.

I am so proud of Diego!!

Mom Elsita :)




I have been so looking forward to sharing these cuties with you!

1Pins todos 

Bird and Girl:





The Reader:




44 pin 

Little Red Ridding Hood:


66 pin 


77 pin 






Best Friends:





The Singer:





Another Little Red Riding Hood:





Little Girl with Bird Pet:





Making these little ones took me forever but I really enjoyed every single step during the process!

The process:

1. I drew many different ideas in my sketch book, here you see some of them.

All designs

2. I picked 8 designs and I sculpted them in super sculpey using my mini tools.


3. I made individual silicone molds from them.


4. I carefully cast the molds in some beautiful snow-white hard plastic resin that I fell in love with a long time ago.


5. I fully sanded and primed the surface of each piece.

6. I painted them with acrylic paint and then I applied many layers of satin varnish for a perfect finish.

7. I glued the safety pins and also drew the little designs that you see on the back with permanent ink.

8. Finally, I put them in a dehydrator for a whole month to make sure they were 100% ready to go!

And now they're ready to be treasured and worn by 8 special pin lovers.


They can be found right now on my Etsy store.

Have a wonderful day!

Elsita :)



I'm working on a little surprise that I will be sharing with you on Friday! 

Yay!!!! I am so excited :)

Have a great day!

Elsita :)



On May 15th of 2003 a little hummingbird died in my studio The tiny creature couldn’t find his way out, but he tried really hard for several minutes. I did everything I could to help him reach one of the windows but he was so scared, he kept throwing his body against the walls.



Seeing the little bird motionless on the floor was one of the saddest experiences that I ever had.  I buried him in our garden with a good-bye note and I cried as if I had lost someone that I had known for years.

Foto 3

 Then, next day, five weeks before the due date my first baby was born. Seeing Natalie’s little face for the first time was pure magic, pure joy.

Foro 2

 That very night the image of the little bird came back to me  in a dream. The little bird was giving birth to Natalie. I was puzzled trying to understand the meaning of my dream. I kept thinking and thinking until I found my very personal answer:

After death there is always life. After something is lost there is always something new coming into our lives. After pain there is always growth and after fear there is courage.

These ideas inspired me to create a whole series of works that I showed in New York with Phyllis Kind Gallery a few years ago. All the pictures in this post and the series of photographs in my 5 previous were part of that show


(you can click of the pictures to see them larger)

I decided to share this work with you (even if it's not recent) because in the last weeks I have thought a lot about loss (my niece's babies, her home...) and my old show had a lot to do with these ideas. 

The thing is that I was extremely happy to get an e-mail from my niece saying that they have finally found a new house. It's a lot smaller than the one lost in the earthquake but she's confident that with lots of love she will be able to turn it into a new loving home. Graciela is my hero right now for many reasons but the main reason is:

Because she's not afraid of to start over again. 

The bottom line of this post is: don't let fear and pain to paralyze you. Whenever you find something hard to explain in life, something hard to process, something hard to understand, don't stop moving. Let the natural cycle of life take you to the next level and one day, before you even know a stronger you will wake up in the morning, full of hope.

Just like my niece Graciela.

It's not easy and sometimes it's not fast but one thing is for sure: IT IS POSSIBLE IF YOU BELIEVE IT.

Have a wonderful Monday!

Elsita :)


Departure (#3)


Can miles truly separate you from friends.... If you want to be with someone you love, aren't you already there? 

~Richard Bach

Departure (#1)


Dear friend:

I am going to be posting, one at a time, a series of about 5 photographs that I took some time ago. I won't write anything about them in detail so you can have your own ideas. In general, they're dedicated to anything or anybody that goes away but stays in our heart. The series is called: Departure.

Elsita :) 


What a scare this morning with the mini earthquake!
It was small but it walked Bill and I up. We were really nervous.
The kids didn't feel anything, fortunately they kept sleeping.
I hope that we don't have any earthquake disaster here in California, ever!
Just in case we need to prepare an emergency backpack with snacks for the kids, flashlights and things like that.

Have a wonderful day!
Elsita :)