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February 2010

My Second Kokeshi-Inspired Doll (in red)

Yay!! Here you see my new Kokeshi doll in red. The photos look nice but the original doll looks a lot nicer in person. The red is real, true, intense blood red and it looks amazing on the ivory-light-yellow background.


I am really falling in love with these dollies :)


There is something very special about the shape. Holding them in your hand feels almost therapeutic. 


I wish that I could dedicate a whole week just to create them.


Vivan las Kokeshi Dolls!

Elsita :)

(Available for purchase here)


My Kokeshi-Inspired Doll

I am so excited about sharing this new doll with you!

Kokeshi 1 

She is made out of wood.

Kokeshi detail

Carefully painted with Acrylic paint (in black and ivory).

 Kokeshi 2 

And protected with several layers of satin varnish.

Kokeshi 3 

She's about 4" tall.

Kokeshi 4 

I wanted the painted motives on her body  to look like one of my papercuts :)

Kokeshi hand 

Holding her in my hand makes me smile :) Maybe she will remind you a little bit of this :) I think that that mug was the real inspiration behind this doll.

Happy Monday!

Elsita :)

(She's available for purchase here)