Two Miniature Paper Scenes :)
Keep Going

Micha :)

Hola! Hola!

Today I wanted to start up the week sharing this cutie with you. Micha is Aspirino's cousin, just like Ugladis.

Micha 1 

Oh! Her little (big) eyes!

Micha 2 

Her tiny shoes!

Micha 3 

And her big bow! (How about her ears ?) :o


They're all just adorable. I would love to be Micha's cousin myself, so she could tell me fun stories. By the expression on her face it looks like she has a lot to say :)

Wishing you a wonderful new week my friend! (this year is going sooo fast!

Elsita :) 

(Micha is available for purchase on my Etsy store)

(Also, thank you so very much for all the wonderful comments on my previous post, I am very inspired to keep creating tiny miniatures :) Yay!! I will be back with new ones soon)