My Second Kokeshi-Inspired Doll (in red)
Taraaa!!: Aspirino is here to say Hi :)

Fresh News from Truly Yours :)

Dear friend,

I have been away from all my electronic devices (computer, phone, TV, radio...)  for so long!! And that's because I have been too busy eating the cuban food that my Dad is cooking for us everyday (YUM YUM!)

Verde 1

But other than eating Dad's food and talking and laughing with him everyday I would like to report that my two hands are keeping me busy creating exciting surprises that I cannot wait to share with you. YAY!! :)

Verde 2 

Today I just wanted to give you a little advance of one of many things that I am developing in my laboratory. The piece in these pictures is a miniature papercut that will become a cameo pin as soon as my experiments are finished. Right now I'm in the process of exploring the wonderful world of papercuts in miniature encased in these amazing handmade wooden bezels made by my cuban friends.

Verde 3 

I would like to repeat that this is just one of a series of surprises that I am working on. Yay! I am really, really, really excited specially about another project that I am keeping under absolute secret until I am more advanced in the making of it. That project is making me so excited! I am loving it with all my heart right now.

I hope that you and your loved ones are doing well in these days. 

All my best!

Elsita ;)