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December 2009

Good-Bye 2009!


Dinning room 

We had a lovely brunch yesterday to say: Good-bye 2009 :). It was a relaxed and down-to-Earth event with friends and family, it couldn't be nicer. In the first picture you can see our hand stamped tablecloth, reserved only for special days. It's proven that food tastes better when served on a hand stamped tablecloth :)


Billy not only did a great job finding the best fruits and vegetables available at our local farmer's market for the brunch but he also did a great job entertaining children and adults with his super duper vintage artifact known as "magic mirror" that plays music and gives motion to the tiny pictures with old cartoon characters in it. 


Bill's artifact is always a hit.


Then, there was my youngest friend ever: little Julio. Julio is only 5 months old but you can have the best conversations with him :) Plus he has the most adorable little feet!


And of course, here we have my dear friend Maiz. She's one of the best photographers that I know but on top of that she's also a talented musician. With her delightful voice and guitar skills Maiz delivered a special song for the little ones in our living room. You rock Maiz!


And this is truly yours with the silliest open-mouth smile that my face was able to hold and that my camera was able to capture. I am saying GOOD-BYYYYYYYE FRIENDS!!!! See you in 2010!!!!! 

Very soon we're going to be driving to 2 different places with the kids and I'm sure that we're going to have lots of fun. It will be a time for reconnection and for building special family memories. I will share pictures with you at our return. 


Elsita :)

(I love this post @  Bill's blog!)



Good Morning my friend!

Here I am with a little question: Do you know any good lawyer in Chicago, Illinois, that takes care of cases related to car accidents? My dear friend from childhood who lives in Chicago just had a car accident on the freeway. This crazy guy (drunk) hit her car and she is alive by a real miracle, her car is lost as you can see. My friend really needs a lawyer. We have gotten some contacts but I was wondering if you know someone in particular that you recommend?


 Thank you in advance!

Elsita :)

(You can send me an e-mail with the info @

Learning about food groups :)

Food Groups


It's hard to find a better sign than this one :) We saw it at our favorite candy store ever up in the mountains. And we couldn't agree more with it :) The group that I personally appreciate the most from the list is: Milk Chocolate

How about you?

Have a sweet day!

Elsita :)

Let's Listen to Mary Poppins

Natalie and I were extremely lucky to enjoy the Mary Poppins musical here in LA. Billy got special tickets for his girls and we can't thank him enough for it. What a wonderful experience that was! It's not often that you can see a play where everything comes together in such a touching way: the music, the acting and the visual part of the show was mesmerizing. But the best part of all was: the subtle message behind the story and how it was delivered to the audience through the unique language of art.

Natalie poppins naty 

 Mary Poppins is a Nanny that everyone has heard about. In the musical she comes from a fantasy world to save a family by making the distant and busy father realize that the most important thing in his life is not his job at the bank making money but being connected to his loved ones at home.This sounds pretty simple but it is so deep at the same time. 

We're going through hard times with the way the economy is right now. It is a fact that in one way or another the crisis is hurting us all. As responsible adults we need to find new ways to bring income home, to pay the bills and to keep our families going. All of these responsibilities bring stress and concerns into our lives and sometimes these elements can create crisis, subtle crisis that don't even look like crisis but they manifest in a lack of attention/connection to our loved ones and that also includes our friends.

Natali umbrella 1

By the end of the musical I realized that Mary Poppins was not exactly a Nanny but a symbol of that little inner voice that talks to us in times of crisis. Mary Poppins came to say: hey parents and adults in general! take it easy, everything will be OK no matter what, you just don't lose your sense of humor, pay attention to the important people in your life and good things will happen.

The musical ends up with millions of tiny stars (lights) coming gradually from the stage into the audience, like a huge wave, it was moving when the stars reached you and then unexpectedly, Mary Poppins goes up in the air, umbrella in hand, and "flies" above the audience. In that part everyone was crying, what a touching moment. I cried because I felt so lucky to have such a wonderful family and such wonderful friends. 

For the new year I am going to keep Mary Poppin's advice in mind. I know that 2010 is still not going to be an easy year in terms of the economy but we're all going to be OK no matter what. We just have to make the necessary moves, be smart about the way we spend, keep doing what we do the best we can and most of all keep an eye on our loved ones. Let them know how important they are to us and I'm sure that, as Mary Poppins says: good things will happen.


Elsita :)

(In the pictures you see Natalie with the outfit that she wore to the musical. I got the little Mary Poppins umbrella and purse for her at the theater. Several people thought that she was part of the show :)

My Friends.

I found out that a very dear friend of mine in Cuba is in a very delicate health situation. I can't stop thinking about him. I wish that I could go to the island right now to spend time with him and his partner. They have both been so important in my life. They embraced me in Havana when I didn't know anybody in the art world. They supported me as an artist and as a person in general. They have cared about me for so long. But here I am, miles and miles away from them. I feel frustrated. 

I love you Pedrito 

I love you Alejandro