Cactus Girl
Meeting Christina Conway :)

Being Alert

Here is another painting for my Puerto Rico show which opens on December 10. The title is: Alert.

Alerta copy


 Detail alert 


Plant detail 

Being alert is something important. Alert in the sense of letting our senses have a strong presence in our lives. When we go too fast we miss a lot because we don't let our senses absorb what's happening around us and within us. If we learn how to keep an alert mind then we become more sensitive to those little things that could build up in some areas of our lives and hurt us later.

Those were some of the ideas that I had in mind when I created this painting. Here you see a girl in touch with her own nature. She is very awake and ready to capture life through her five senses. All these ideas came out from a conversation that I had with Evelyn (my sister in law) some time ago :) Thank you sister! 

And I hope that you had a great Thanksgiving celebration yesterday :)

Happy Friday, lots of love and have a wonderful weekend!

Elsita :)