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Meeting Christina Conway :)

Christina and Elsita

I first met Christina on the Internet. She is not only a beautiful woman but also a curator, graphic designer and illustrator (here is her blog). What a wonderful surprise I experienced the other day while I was browsing through Anthropologie (not the web-site but one of the physical stores here in Los Angeles)... I was walking around when a blond girl approached me: Are you Elsita? ... And that's how we met in person. She was with a friend, the wonderful artist Edwin Ushiro who offered to take a picture of us. Thank you Edwin!

Isn't it great?! The world is so small now! I love the positive side of the Internet. Specially when it connects you with someone wonderful like Chris. 

Lots of love for you and Happy Monday!

Elsita :)

Being Alert

Here is another painting for my Puerto Rico show which opens on December 10. The title is: Alert.

Alerta copy


 Detail alert 


Plant detail 

Being alert is something important. Alert in the sense of letting our senses have a strong presence in our lives. When we go too fast we miss a lot because we don't let our senses absorb what's happening around us and within us. If we learn how to keep an alert mind then we become more sensitive to those little things that could build up in some areas of our lives and hurt us later.

Those were some of the ideas that I had in mind when I created this painting. Here you see a girl in touch with her own nature. She is very awake and ready to capture life through her five senses. All these ideas came out from a conversation that I had with Evelyn (my sister in law) some time ago :) Thank you sister! 

And I hope that you had a great Thanksgiving celebration yesterday :)

Happy Friday, lots of love and have a wonderful weekend!

Elsita :)

Cactus Girl

Here I wanted to share another painting for my show in Puerto Rico (which opens on December 10) The idea comes from one of my illustrations.

Cactus Girl

All the thorns represent those mechanisms of self-defense or  self-protection that we need to develop. Like a rose, this girl wants to be safe in her own emotional garden.

Detalle1 copy

Because that way she can produce fruits to feed herself and the important people in her life.

Detail 2 

Girl print copy 

Natalie liked this piece so much that I decided to scan it, print it out and frame it for her room. The print looks as nice as the original canvas :) 

Dear friend,
I am working like crazy. But this is a happy kind of crazy :o because I am putting lots of Etsy orders together. It makes me extremely happy to see that my little bookmarks are making other people happy as well. I will be back as soon as things slow down. But I will keep blogging from The Hidden Seed.
See you there!


Elsita the Bee :)


New Arrival! :) (And thank you sooo much...)



Three new mini citizens from Planet Cute have landed in my studio!


They make me smile with their little faces :)


Each one comes with a tiny blank book for you to write something in it. And each one has a good heart, all they dream about is a home. I will list them on my Etsy store as soon as I have a chance this week so they can be adopted :)

And before I go I must say THANK YOU so very much for the huge successes with the bookmarks. I never thought that it was possible to sell so many items on Etsy in such a short amount of time. I have been pretty busy shipping all the orders. These bookmarks are almost gone but I still have a few left. I wish that I could make new ones but I don't even know if that's possible. They were part of a payment that I got for some business that I did with a large publishing company in Asia.

Happy Monday!

Elsita :)

Bookmark Surprise!!


1b copy

I have been dying to share these magic beauties with you. Here we have 4 fancy bookmarks made out of real wood! Don't you love the very idea? :) They are nice, organic and a little flexible, like thick cardboard. I love how the feel in my hands, they're very light weight.


2b copy

 These cuties were laser-cut and they look amazing in a little vase or close to a source of light to appreciate the details better.

3b copy

 But of course, any book will be happy to embrace these little bookmarks in its pages. And any avid reader will be delighted to receive them as a present.

9detail copy 

Oh! The tiny details make me smile! 

These cuties are 2" wide and about 6" tall. They are going to be available on my Etsy store for as long as they last but after they're gone there won't be new editions.

Yay!! I hope that you like them as much as I do!

Have a great day!

Elsita :)

(Available on my Etsy store right now and they're flying away sooooo fast! THANK YOU for the bookmark love!)


Carousel 2 small 

Carousel pinguins small 


I was obsessed about Carousels when I was a little girl. And as a grownup I still love them. When I saw the one in the pictures a few months ago I stopped breathing for a couple of seconds. WHAT A TREASURE! This carousel is located in Chicago and I have never seen anything like it. Don't you love the paintings, the colors and everything else in it? Now all I need is a miniature replica of it :o But since that's not gonna happen I have to keep enjoying the pictures. I just had to share them with you :)

Have a happy Friday my friend and a wonderful weekend!

Elsita :)

Diego Eating

Diego eating1

Diego eating 2 

Diego eating 3 

Diego eating4 

Isn't he the cutest?

Some days I cannot believe that Diego now eats by himself. He can finally 


the spoon and eat his own food. Something like that is normally taken for 

granted because it's such a basic thing. But in Diego's case it took so much 

work! He now enjoys it a lot. The only thing that he doesn't like is to get 

dirty. But I think that nobody enjoys that. I dropped some 

salsa on my jacket the other day and I wasn't happy about it :o 

That's why I understand Diego :)

Sending you hugs!

Elsita :)

(Typepad is going crazy, I think that there is a bug in my blog because what I write gets all messed up and when I try to fix it, it just doesn't work :o)

Story about the MoMA and my Little Book :)

Blossom buddies small

This is something that I have been meaning to share with you for sooo long! When Carrie McBride sent me this picture and her e-mail: 

Hi Elsita, 

My trust in MoMA's curatorial judgment was renewed when I saw your Blossom Buddies so prominently displayed in their bookstore!  Thought you might like to see it (sorry for the lousy photo).

Best wishes, 


I felt the happiest girl on Earth. I will tell you why: When I visited the USA for the first time ever in 1996 I was lucky to spend a couple of days in New York City with my dear friend Debra. She took me to the MoMA and we had a little argument with one of the men in charge. There was a sign that said: free admission. So we wanted to see the museum for free but the man said that we had to do our donation anyway. It wasn't that we didn't want to do it, it was just that our money department was so skinny! A single dollar meant everything to us.

We ended up doing the non-voluntary donation so we spent HOURS enjoying the place. Back then I was the most inexperienced girl on planet Earth regarding museums and fancy places like that. I felt like Cinderella after winning the lottery. I really enjoyed every second at the museum and every single thing I saw. 

After walking around for hours we ended up in the store as everyone else. Of course, I could not afford anything over there but I was just happy looking at the books and dreaming about taking some of them with me back to Cuba. I must say that I became a living trash can anyways, I took every free printed paper, catalogue or anything that I found on my way. I arrived in Havana with my suitcase full of all that junk that I proudly kept for so many years.

Now, 12+1 years later my little book ends up in the MoMA store. Can you believe it? Isn't that great? I wish that I could go back there and take a picture of myself with Blossom Buddies. All I can say is that I am extremely proud to know that there is a tiny, microscopic piece of me at the MoMA :) Yay!!  :)


Elsita :)

(Thank you so much again Carrie for the picture!)