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Giving, Learning and Understanding.

Emotional growth has a lot to do with giving. Something important happens when you step outside of yourself in order to help someone else. 

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Emotional growth also has a lot to do with being a good observer, with paying attention to other people's pains and needs. Observation leads you to noticing important things and this, at the same time, inspires you to take action. Then, when your action (even a tiny action) makes a difference in someone else's life, you grow a little, and you get to feel better about yourself as a person.

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I am experiencing something like that right now, every morning, during the time that I spend in Diego's classroom. When I am there I feel that my mind is being taken to another level. All the superficial things disappear and I get in touch with what's really important. And when I get to interact with Diego and his classmates, I feel like I am participating in something special, not just for them, but for myself.

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Each one of these children is unique, each one of them is special and each one struggles to fit into the world. But isn't this the case for all of us anyway? Aren't we all different? Aren't we all special? Don't we all struggle with something in life? Don't we all want to succeed?

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Being in Diego's classroom is teaching me that we all have a lot in common, regardless of our age, gender, cultural background, race, religion and special needs. We're all human and we all need to be understood. The beautiful thing is that the better you understand other people the more you get to know yourself. Because giving is a two-way street: the more you give, the more you receive.