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October 2009

Super Special Cameo Pin on Etsy :)

I just couldn't wait to share this little news with you!

1r copy 

I am so excited about this new cameo pin! It is already listed on my Etsy shop.
This piece is so special and beautiful in person. I made it with lots of love and attention to detail.

Detail copy 

For the making of this cameo pin I used black and ivory polymer clay plus a white powdery patina to achieve the old look. And to make it just perfect I hand drew a sweet tiny flower on it with permanent ink.

2r copy

The surface of this cameo has been slightly polished instead of varnished. I did this in order to imitate the finish of bakelite. I wanted this piece to look like an old piece of jewelry . If you could see it in person you wouldn't believe that it was made out of polymer clay. On the back of it there is a metal pin finding for easy wearing and also an oval of stiffened felt for a nice finishing touch.

3r copy

Each cameo was made individually with lots of love, each one is unique and slightly different but for sure, they are all beautiful.

4r copy

I get many compliments anytime I wear my bunny cameo :) 
This piece measures about 2" in width and 1.5" in height (the perfect size, not too small and not too big). It will arrive packed in a sweet little box for protection.

Rabbit pin on blouse copy 

I hope that you like it!

Elsita :)

(This pin runs in a very limited edition of 10. I won't be making new ones but I will come out with new designs in the future, I can't wait! :)

Giving, Learning and Understanding.

Emotional growth has a lot to do with giving. Something important happens when you step outside of yourself in order to help someone else. 

Giving copy 

Emotional growth also has a lot to do with being a good observer, with paying attention to other people's pains and needs. Observation leads you to noticing important things and this, at the same time, inspires you to take action. Then, when your action (even a tiny action) makes a difference in someone else's life, you grow a little, and you get to feel better about yourself as a person.

Observe copy 

I am experiencing something like that right now, every morning, during the time that I spend in Diego's classroom. When I am there I feel that my mind is being taken to another level. All the superficial things disappear and I get in touch with what's really important. And when I get to interact with Diego and his classmates, I feel like I am participating in something special, not just for them, but for myself.

Classroom copy 

Each one of these children is unique, each one of them is special and each one struggles to fit into the world. But isn't this the case for all of us anyway? Aren't we all different? Aren't we all special? Don't we all struggle with something in life? Don't we all want to succeed?

Interrogation copy 

Being in Diego's classroom is teaching me that we all have a lot in common, regardless of our age, gender, cultural background, race, religion and special needs. We're all human and we all need to be understood. The beautiful thing is that the better you understand other people the more you get to know yourself. Because giving is a two-way street: the more you give, the more you receive.

Diego's Crafty Side :)

Today I am back with Diego's latest invention. Here we have a project that he came out with the other day during bath time. It is fast and easy to make. Plus it's lots of fun to wear too.

All you will need is:

*Clear food container (like those used in restaurants for leftovers)

*A small plastic fish toy.

*And water.

The illustration tells you the rest:

How to make a fish hat1 

When the water runs out of the hat you just need to make it again, over and over, as many times as you want. Diego set a record of 2 hours making fish hats. We had to stop him otherwise he would still be in the bath.

Enjoy it!!

Happy Friday and have a peaceful weekend my friend.

Elsita :)

Everything's OK :)

Dear friend,

Thank you so much for your comments and e-mails about my last post. Fortunately, we're all fine and some exciting things are happening over here. One of them is that we're finally potty training Diego. It's not that easy because he's so used to his diapers but slow progress has been made :) Another Diego-related news is that he just announced his new name which is: Extra-Boy. We love it! On the other hand Natalie is attending a yoga class on Mondays and for Halloween she will be Coraline. Diego decided to be Kung Fu Panda or should we say Extra-Kung Fu Panda? Miro is taller than ever, plus he broke a finger in a sport-related activity, but he's recovering. Bill is currently working on different exciting projects and I am alive and with a big smile on my face :)

Life goes on!

I hope that you're doing well too.

Elsita :)

Little Things First

Last week I hit a car while I was trying to leave Diego's school. (I was late for Diego's after-school therapy and I wanted to get home as fast as possible). My head wasn't in the right place. I didn't realize that my car was getting too close the the red truck behind me and then BOOM! I could not believe it. I am a very careful driver. 


The owner of the red truck wasn't there but I left a note for him and we met later. He was a nice old man with the sweetest personality. He got an estimate for the job and I delivered a big check to him for the damage (it broke my heart and wallet) and I immediately realized that more than paying for the damage I was paying for a very important lesson. 

This is what I learned from the incident: If I try to get to the future too fast (in this case Diego's therapy) I am in danger to forget about the present (the red truck behind me) and I am more likely to end up doing something wrong that I am going to regret later.

I learned that the future is made out of little pieces of present. I learned that in order to take care of the BIG things you first need to take care of the small things.  I learned that If we are not very present right now, very aware of ourselves and our surroundings then we can have accidents. Not only car accidents but those other subtle accidents where you could hurt yourself or other people because you were not aware of what you were doing wrong.

Small things make a big difference. That's why I decided to slow down and take it easy from now on. Being safe is more important than not being late. And having your head in the right place is the only way to be safe.


Elsita :)

Paper Love :)


And here you see something extra special that just I listed on my Etsy store. This papercut was born thanks to a collaboration with a fine gentleman and Etsy fellow. Thank you Scott !

Con mano

Scott cut the black part of the piece using his magic laser machine and then I added the tiny little bird on the blue background later. The miniature bird was carefully hand cut by myself. 

Small 1

The girl is somehow the frame that holds the miniature birdie :) She's holding the tiny scalloped cameo with her tiny hand. I had this idea in my mind for a long time and I am so happy to see it in real life now!


The result is this delicate scene that I am absolutely in love with. 

Detail acostado 

Right now I only have 8 of these pieces available. But my dream is to create new ones sometime in the future.


 In this last picture you can see how I framed one of them for Natalie's room. The piece is backed by a slightly textured ivory color paper. One of my favorite detail is that the girl is a bit raised from the background, this brings a little bit of magic to the scene, it looks like she's suspended in the air.

This papercut is perfect for a 4"x6" frame. I also think that it would look beautiful in an oval frame. The girl is about 3" tall and the miniature bird is only 1" tall.

I am so excited about this little papercut! You need to see it in person to understand why I am so in love with it :)

Now I wish you a happy Friday and a peaceful weekend!

Elsita :)

ANNOUNCEMENT! Papercut shop is now open!


Dear friend,

I am so excited to announce 

that my shop  dedicated only 

to papercuts is up and running

There are 6 pieces available 

in it right now. Each one of them 

is really special in person. 

Plus they are already framed 

and ready to hang. 

I hope that you enjoy them.

Have a wonderful day!

Elsita :) 

From Natalie :)

Natalie copy

Thank you 

Dear friend:

This is a little Thank You note from Natalie to you.

Her surgery was a success and we're now back to normal.

Your positive thoughts were highly appreciated.

Thank you so very much from the rest of us in the family!!!!

The Horbergs :)

(And later I will announce the opening of my little papercut store :)

Making Cookies with Miss Natalie (And I need a favor)

Paper dolls copy

I made these paper dolls for Natalie and we had the best time playing with them. We love making these dolls :) They're so simple and fun! In the little video you will see Natalie making cookies with her two friends :)

On the other hand I have a little request for you: while you're reading this post Natalie will be having a surgery. It is a tooth related problem. But the thing is that this is the first time that Natalie is going to be under general anesthesia. Would you send lots of positive energy to her? I know that this works great. I won't be able to breath well until I see her after the surgery.

She is so brave, you won't believe how calm she is about the whole thing.

Little Diego in Motion :)



And today I wanted to share this other little video with you :)  Here you see Diego playing by himself when he was 2 years old (not too long after we got his diagnosis). This video is very simple but it somehow shows you a little bit of Diego's sense of humor. Just the way he runs and the way he plays with the swings is so funny to me, it makes me smile :)

Have a happy Friday my friend an a wonderful weekend!

Elsita :)