My Prints in their New Home :)
Natalie Meets Diego for the First Time

Diego's New Life :)

Imagine if you had to stop everything in your life and start over from zero. Well, this is more or less what Diego's going through right now. He needs to get used to his new school, new teacher, new therapists, new routine... Starting a new life is hard for anyone (I remember when I first moved to the USA to start a life with Bill) but for Diego is many times harder.

D1 copy

The good news is that his new life is full of wonderful people. His class has only 6 children as you can see in the picture above. Only Diego (#1) and #6 are new, the rest of the kids already went through this tough time. Diego and #6 need their Mom's help to go through this period. It is truly intense.

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Fear happens when you don't understand something and that's not a fun feeling. When you're afraid of something you can't really be open to learning. In order to learn you need to be in the right state of mind and all your senses need to be activated. Diego's world (new life) is not yet organized in his brain. Right now things don't make sense so all he wants is to be close to the things that he already knows and likes. It's like a security blanket that keeps him emotionally grounded.

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That's when attachment comes out to play a crucial role. And Mommy has been the designated parent over here to play the main part right now, everyday, every minute, intentionally in a very intense way. That means going to school with him and staying there full-time, doing many things together afterwards, giving him huge amounts of kisses, hugs ...The stronger the attachment the easier will be for him to separate from us later. Because he's going to have a solid sense of emotional safety in his brain. 

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This time in our lives brings a new challenge and that is: sister Natalie. She has no problems leaning or separating from her parents or trying anything new. She is a wonderful student. We never have to remind her to do the homework, she loves to learn new things...but she is extremely sensitive. And she needs as much love and attention as Diego does. 

Bill and I are doing our best. It's exhausting, specially when both of them demand things at the same time, or when they're frustrated or tired or mad. But then there are those magics moments when everything seems to fall into place :) Like when Diego, Natalie and Miro spent time together in perfect harmony during our trip to  Massachusetts. Those are the little moments that fill us up with hope. They are little doors to what the future is going to be like 

We know that everything is always going to be OK no matter what, because we care about each other, we love each other and we do what we have to do in every given moment to make of our family a strong one.

In the end that's what life is all about :)