Save the date! --- SEPTEMBER 12th, 2009
Visual Update for You :)

Viva la Playa!!!!

Since Bill arrived we haven't stopped doing a million things everyday, there is so much to take care of over here! But one of the best family-related things that we have done so far was going to the beach on Sunday. Bill's friend and his beautiful family had a rented house in Malibu so they invited us over there for a beach party and it was sooo perfect!!!

Bill and kids copy

The kids went crazy!!! We had to work hard in order to convince them (specially Diego) that it was time to go home after many hours spent over there running and laughing.

 Elsita and kids copy

What a special day we had! It was absolutely beautiful and I just wanted to share these pictures with you :) Now back to work!!!!

Have a great day my friend! And see you again on Friday!

Elsita :)

And I am also HERE today :)