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Something New :)

Dear friend,

Today I just wanted to give you a little advance about something exciting that I have been putting together. And that is a new store dedicated to my original papercuts only. They will be an alternative to my gallery work, which is a bit pricier. 

For the blog

Title: The Departure (about a girl that is becoming a woman)

The pieces on the new store will be framed and ready to hang and the prices will go from $99 (plus shipping & handling) to aproximately $400. My larger and more intricate papercuts are currently being sold at Couturier Gallery here in Los Angeles, CA. for prices that go from $600 to $2500.

The Hand

Title: The Hand (about a woman that has decided to take her destiny in her own hands)

I think that the store will be ready to go live on September 14, 2009. I will keep you updated on this. The 2 pieces on this post will be part of the first update. I am absolutely in love with them! The vintage inspired frames measure 7.3/4" in height by 5.3/4" in width. The price for each one of these pieces is $250. But I already have 6 different ones for $99 each, featuring Pinocchio, Little Red Riding Hood, Peter Pan, Three Little Pigs, Alice in Wonderland and Petter Rabbit.

If you're thinking about something unexpected, a special present for someone in your life, something that could be treasured for generations, then I invite you to visit my new store in September. You will find a little piece of my heart in every single papercut :)

Happy Monday!

Elsita :)


On The Hidden Seed Today: Simple Yellow Dress


Our Little Man :)

Dieguito copy

Today I just wanted to share this picture of Diego with you. Our little prince is doing amazing. 

*His vocabulary is huge now! 

*He is talking in long sentences.

*His favorite questions is: Hey! What do you think you're doing? (in his opinion that means: what are you doing?)

*Whenever he does something "bad" he says: Don't worry Mommy, it's just an accident. And then he smiles just like in the picture above.

*He asks me to open a word document on my computer so he can spell his favorite words and those words are:

-sponge bob

-open season 2

-monsters inc



*He is friend with Sally's cat now. Sally's cat is not super friendly but he likes Diego. Diego decided to call him Hello Kitty. He says: Hi Hello Kitty, what a cute little cat, you're so cute Hello Kitty.

Diego's main quality is that loves people (and people love him back). The only little detail is that if you don't look as young as Natalie who is 6 then you're automatically a Grandma or Grandpa, even if you're 20. We're trying to correct this :0 Because some people take it really personal, specially if they are, let's say 40 and look amazing. Diego still will say: Hi GrAAAndma! (he makes the letter A very long, which is even harder for the person in question) 

But we promise to keep working on this detail :)

Lots of love!

Happy Friday and have a great weekend my friend!

Elsita :)

New Paper Piece.

For my show in Sept. This one is titled Open Head and you can see detailed pictures of it HERE

I also wanted to tell you that Natalie is back from Australia. I am sooo happy to have her back! She is telling me all the stories about the trip. It was lots of fun and she created the most amazing art pieces that Bill decided to keep in his office. Natalie also got to meet super cute Suri who is with her Mom over there working in the movie. My Mother in Law talked a little bit with Kate and she says that Kate is the nicest girl ever, very sweet and friendly. Everyone who meets her says the same thing. Yay for Katie! And on the other hand I can't wait for the movie to be finished because that means that Bill will come back home!!!!

See you on Friday!

Elsita :)

Oval Pendants on Etsy! :)


I'm so excited! Because I have listed seven new oval pendants  on my Etsy shop :) 

9 copy

10 copy

11 copy

12 copy

13 copy

15 copy

16 copy

I love these girls so much, each one has a unique personality :) Thank you girls! It is nice to start my week with all of you here! 

Also, there's a long list of things to do waiting for me right now on the kitchen table, but I am not intimidated. You,  little long to-do-list cannot intimidate me! :o I am going to go ahead right now and take you to the super market! (that's my #1 thing to do this morning :)

Have a wonderful Monday my friend!!

And see you on Wednesday!

Elsita :)

But if you want to see my brand new straight hair just follow me :)

Hidden Words

And here we have a new papercut/drawing for the show in Sept. I'm loving these small pieces with their sweet ovalados frames (I love the word ovalados in Spanish :) I still have a few of these pieces to complete and I will share them with you as soon as I take pictures.

Hidden Words copy

This has been a very intense week but I am so happy about all the things that I have been doing :)

Detail copy

Something special that I will be sharing with you as soon as I have a chance is a new therapy that I am doing with Diego, it has to do with sounds/music  and it requires 30 minutes of it in the morning and 30 minutes in the afternoon. Diego is responding great! YAY!! And the beautiful thing is that I am doing it together with him, so we're connecting with each other through sounds. This is really great.

A couple of links today:

Find me at THS :)

And the second one will take you to an article on Etsy about The Sister Project run by Margaret Roach, the person who inspired me to share the story of my sister with you :)

Now I need to keep going but first I want to wish you a happy Friday and a peaceful weekend. Take care my friend!

Elsita :)