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Special Notes :)


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The other day Natalie told me: Mommy, people write Thank you Notes all the time but I never see anybody writing "sorry notes". I asked her why she said so and then she showed me the little note that you see in the picture below. 

Sorry note

What happens is that the other day Diego broke one of Bill's CD's. It was part of a special collection. Natalie thought that Billy needed a special sorry note about the broken CD so she wrote it all by herself (as you can see :) 

Sorry note copy

Natalie made me think about "sorry notes" and about how important they are. When I was little and my Mom was just overwhelmed with life and the pressure of raising 4 kids she sometimes got a little negative and screamed at us. BUT THEN, she immediately said: I am so sorry! I am really sorry, I am just so tired and life is so hard, sometimes I just explode but I want you to know that I love you and that I am very sorry...those non-written "sorry  notes" were so important to me. I still keep them in a special place in my heart.

The power of saying -I am sorry- is amazing, it makes you feel immediately better, weather the person who said I am sorry did something negative to you or just when someone really cares about what makes you sad and says I am sorry about you beind sad. I try to practice this as often as possible, specially with my children :)

And today is a special day because we're getting ready for Bill's arrival!! He is coming back home for a whole week!!!! Yay!!! 

Have a great Friday my friend and a wonderful weekend :) See you on Monday!

Elsita :)


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