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Special Notes :)


(and leave a tiny comment if you have a second :)



The other day Natalie told me: Mommy, people write Thank you Notes all the time but I never see anybody writing "sorry notes". I asked her why she said so and then she showed me the little note that you see in the picture below. 

Sorry note

What happens is that the other day Diego broke one of Bill's CD's. It was part of a special collection. Natalie thought that Billy needed a special sorry note about the broken CD so she wrote it all by herself (as you can see :) 

Sorry note copy

Natalie made me think about "sorry notes" and about how important they are. When I was little and my Mom was just overwhelmed with life and the pressure of raising 4 kids she sometimes got a little negative and screamed at us. BUT THEN, she immediately said: I am so sorry! I am really sorry, I am just so tired and life is so hard, sometimes I just explode but I want you to know that I love you and that I am very sorry...those non-written "sorry  notes" were so important to me. I still keep them in a special place in my heart.

The power of saying -I am sorry- is amazing, it makes you feel immediately better, weather the person who said I am sorry did something negative to you or just when someone really cares about what makes you sad and says I am sorry about you beind sad. I try to practice this as often as possible, specially with my children :)

And today is a special day because we're getting ready for Bill's arrival!! He is coming back home for a whole week!!!! Yay!!! 

Have a great Friday my friend and a wonderful weekend :) See you on Monday!

Elsita :)


And I am here today :)


Pendant Art Show for You:)


Jummy, jummy, jummy! This is a little surprise "online gallery show" for you :) Featuring twenty-four new pendants. These friends have kept me awake for quiet a few nights, making me smile and wishing that I could eat them all, one by one :)


Because they're as sweet as candy :) I decided to take two pictures of them as a group because I haven't been able to take their individual portraits.


I just couldn't wait to give you a little advance about these necklaces. They are going to be on my Etsy store as soon as their individual pictures are ready. Each one comes with a very fine and delicate 18" silver plated ball chain :) 

Wearing round pendant copy

And as you can see I am already wearing mine! Yay!!  :)

Have a great day my friend!!!

Elsita :)

These are sooo Sweet!

Today I am back with a tiny  group of 4 new pendants (already listed on my Etsy store). These are sooo adorable in person. I really love how they came out :)

Pendant 1 copy

Pendant 2 copy 

Pendant 3 copy 

Pendant 4 copy 

I hope that you like them too :)

Have a happy Wednesday my friend!!!

And see you tomorrow!

Elsita :)


On The Hidden Seed today: Polka Dot Dress :)


My Favorite Cameo Pin Right Now :)

This cameo pin measures 2 3/4" x 2" and I made it with sooo much love. With the help of my needles, felt and some thread I decided to "plant" a perfect miniature garden featuring a mushroom, flowers, tiny fantasy fruits and a little hungry bumblebee ready to savor the delicious banquet.

Brooch1 copy

I was so happy with the final result! 

 Brooch3 copy

The tiny details that you see on the lower part of this garden are gorgeously colored pistils or stamens used for the center of decorative flowers for hats in the 1920's through the 1940's.

Brooch4 copy

 I got them from someone who got them from a woman whose mom was a hat designer during that period. So many women owned these treasures before me! (They were pretty pricey too but I couldn't help myself, I had to get the whole collection)

Brooch5 copy

The shapes and the colors in these rare pistils and stamens are just amazing and the material is glass-like. I am absolutely in love with my collection, which I keep safely in a sweet vintage box in my studio. I use them carefully once in a while because they're so special to me. I only want to make unique pieces with them :) 

I listed this cameo pin on my Etsy store yesterday and it's already sold out. But I will do my best to create new ones when I have a chance one of these nights while Bill is in Australia :)

Lots of love!

Elsita :)

Giveaway Winner! And Bill's cards from Australia :)

I am happy to announce that the winner of the Little Red Riding Hood pin is: Jo James!! Yay Jo!! Barbara and Marcos will ship your pin as soon as they have your address :) You can send it to them via convo, here is the link to their store or you can also send it to me via e-mail. On the left sidebar of this blog you will see the link to my e-mail :)


And on a different note, today I just wanted to share some of the sweet cards that Bill sent us from Australia. These are all his creations :)

Card i love you copy

One of the things that made me fall in love with Bill from the beginning is his talent for finding time in his super-duper busy life for drawing something special for the people that he loves.

Card frog copy

This one with the frog says: Finally...A good book to read... Worthy of my interest...A spark to my imagination... AHHH!! And then the frog's book says: The Elsa Diaries :)

 Card family copy

We love you and we miss you Billy!! Please keep sending new cards! They make us sooo happy!

Happy Monday my friend!

And Happy Tuesday for Bill in Australia!

Elsita :)


On the Hidden Seed Today: Yellow Polka Dot Top :)


Little Surprise :)


Dear friend,

Today I am excited to give you this link to an interview that I did for one of my favorite blogs: Indie Fixx:) the little silly surprise is that over there you will see the only photograph that I have from my childhood. It is dark and everything but the little girl in it is the same person that I am today, only a little less experienced :) I remember that day so well. Some "professional photographer" came to school to take photographs of the students for a fee of $5 (pesos cubanos) a picture. I could not afford it but my Teacher paid for it. I am forever grateful for her gesture because thanks to her I can now show my children (and you) how I used to look as a little girl :) 

See you there!

Also, have a wonderful Friday and a Happy weekend!

Elsita :)


And two more links today:

One to Kirsten giveaway

And the other one to The Hidden Seed :)

Thinking Outside the "Basket" :)

In order to help Diego we need to think outside the box, that's why we have different creative methods to connect with him. For example, Diego responds great to visual schedules, because this way the world becomes more clear to him. And now Natalie has started creating her own pictures to communicate with him.

Boy in basket (small)

The other day I had to take Diego to the Dr. for a flue shot and I spent some time explaining him what it was going to happen through pictures of the Doctor etc. I noticed that Natalie was busy drawing something and then she came running to us as if she had something very important to show Diego. She said: Mommy don't worry, I am going to tell Diego everything about the Doctor and she showed this drawing to Diego:

Diego and the Dr (small)

Then she explained: Listen Diego, it is very easy, you are going to see the Doctor. If you behave well you can get something from this list of three things (take a look at the center of the drawing)

1. We can go to Target and get you a toy
2.You can get a sticker from my collection
3.Or I can draw a car for you (he loves this one)

If you don't behave well then you don't get anything, is that OK Diego? Do you understand? Natalie said. Diego smiled and looked at the drawing with great excitement. The end of the story is that he did great at the Doctor's office and when he had to pick one of the 3 prizes from Natalie's list he picked #1, #2 and #3 :) Yay!!! Natalie was sooo excited! She gave him prize#2 and #3 and I did my part for prize #1 

I just love it when Natalie and Diego connect with each other in any way, but specially through Natalie's drawings, now he wants Natalie to draw all kids of things for him and his favorite one is THE ALPHABET! :) But that's a different story that I will tell you later (I can just give you a little advance: Diego is teaching himself how to read, it is something amazing!)

Lots of ove!

Elsita :)


On The Hidden Seed Today: A little Bit of Color


Giveaway Winner, a Sweet Etsy Store AND A NEW GIVEAWAY:)


Happy Monday my friend! I am so happy to announce that the winner of the little necklace giveaway is: FLASSIE  Yay my dear Flassie!!! I will ship your necklace as soon as I get your address :) And thank you sooo much for all your comments! Giveaways are always lots of fun!


Today I am also excited to introduce you to brightcolorart !!!!! This cool Etsy store is run by Barbara and Marcos Suarez, a couple for a little bit more than sixteen years. Something that Barbara, Marcos and I have in common is that we were all born and raised in Cuba!! Yay!! I was so happy to find their store some time ago!

Pins etc

Barbara and Marcos are located in Orlando, Central Florida and they share the artistic signature B&M Suarez. I invite you to stop by their store and enjoy all the little treasures that they are happy to share with us. I feel like buying the whole store, the prices are SO AFFORDABLE!!!! (Don't miss the Brooches and Pendants category!) I already bought two pins from them (they sent me an extra one that I adore) and I am planning to get more :)

And here is the giveaway that Barbara and Marcos are hosting from this blog today: A sweet cameo pin featuring Little Red Riding Hood!

Red Ridding Hood

This is a tiny illustration by Barbara and Marcos mounted on a homemade cherry wood vessel. The artwork has a protective glossy finish.

With hand

They hand painted a tiny red and white rope decor around the edge to add a subtle touch of color and detail to the beauty of the natural cherry frame.

Wearing it   

The wood surface is finished with oil and wax. And the piece is signed on the back. It measures: 1.5" length, 1.8" height

I will announce the winner of this adorable cameo pin on Monday, July 27, 2009. Good luck!!!!

And lots of love to Barbara and Marcos!!!!!

Elsita :)

Pendant Giveaway! :)

Yay my friend!!!

Here is a little oval pendant with a sweet girl for a giveaway!

The wooden tile has a tiny defect, hard to notice, but I decided not to list it on my Etsy store. Instead, I decided to give it away so the little girl could find a loving home :)

14 copy 

If you like this necklace just leave a comment in this post and I will announce the winner on Monday, July 20, 2009.

Enjoy your Friday and have a wonderful weekend!

Elsita :)


On The Hidden Seed today: Suspenders :)