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A little Hollywood Night :)

On Monday Bill asked me in a very casual way: Elsa, would you like to see Woody Allen's latest movie? I got invited to a screening tonight. OF COURSE! I said! And after arranging who was going to help us stay with the kids at home I got dressed and to the screening I went with Billy!

As soon as we got there the female star of the movie walked into the building at the same time as us. She was looking soooo beautiful and her high heals were sooooo high that it was almost painful to watch her walk, but she did it with grace, looking very natural. She looked so happy and excited. 

As she approached the  crowd of photographers and the press, she started doing her little posing for the cameras and then she went into the theater with a smile. I enjoyed watching the whole thing, those are the little silly little moments that complement the more serious things, too bad that I didn't bring my camera.

Once in the theater we saw many of our friends, we said hi to them and went to our sits. There were many important directors and producers in the audience. Everybody was curious to see Wooden Allen's latest movie.

Someone introduced the movie by saying that of course, Wooden Allen wasn't there, as always, because he thinks that the actors do the job and it is not necessary for him to add anything.

The movie started and then the miracle happened! Minute by minute the audience (not a very easy one to please) started getting more and more engaged with the movie, at some point everybody was laughing, LAUGHING HARD, WITH HONESTY! And by the end, every person there was really happy about having seeing one of those special movies that stay forever in our hearts!

The name of the movie is WHATEVER WORKS. And it is one of the best movies, in my opinion, that Woody Allen even made. SO FUNNY, DEEP, ORIGINAL, UNIQUE. You have to see this movie my friend, I highly recommend it!

I don't know exactly when this movie is coming out but it should be soon. It is based on a script that Allen wrote in the seventies but it is such an timeless story.

Oh! good movies are the best thing on Earth! How much I enjoy them!

Lots of love!
Elsita :)