Birdie Pin :)
Studio Finding :)

Red Birdie :)

And here is the other little birdie pin that I made a couple of weeks ago :) You can click on the pictures to see them a little larger.

1red bird copy

The red color in this birdie is so beautiful in person. The material looks like carved coral but it is carved polymer clay.

2red bird copy

The branch is metal and the eye is a vintage crystal.

3 red bird copy

I polished the surface of the birdie with a rotary tool to make it look more like coral and less like polymer clay. I also applied a white patina that worked perfect because it makes the birdie look very old :)

4red bird copy

Yay! There is something about pins that make me really happy. They are like a little miracles. I often plan my outfits around them :) In my collection the most important themes are:
Flowers, Birds, Bugs, Cameos, Fruits...but I also have elephants, cats, dogs, snakes...I will definitely share them with you as soon as I take pictures one of these days.

And now I will fly away with my little birdie but I will fly back here tomorrow :) Have a great day my friend!

Elsita :)