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Little Bird of Paradise :)


This sweet bird of paradise is already listed on my Etsy Store :)

En sillita for Flickr

I am so excited, because I was able to make 7 of these necklaces with the little vintage bird and the wooden tile. 


I started this creation here. But in this new version I decided to go with the extra sweet red scalloped edge. I just loooove that little detail!


This pendant is really special in person, there is something really nice about the colors and the finish of the surface.


(the 7 pendants look absolutely the same, it is hard to tell them apart. They are all the same color, size...each one looks exactly like the one in the pictures)

I hope that you like it too :)

Have a wonderful day my friend!

Elsita :)

And on the Hidden Seed today: The Vampire's Wife :o

New Cuties Have Arrived!! :)

Yay!! I am so happy because today I am featured artist at! I invite you stop by the site and leave a little comment if you have a chance and also do a little rating using the bar on the right because my page is a little virgin right now. Thank you!!!!

And here we have some new cuties that are already listed on my Etsy store. Ten new little friends living quietly into their tiny houses :)











And I am very excited because tomorrow I will show you the super sweet version of this pendant that I made to share with you on my Etsy store. I was able to make only 7 of them due to my limited time, but they look sooo adorable! 

And now I need to take Natalie to her summer camp but before I leave I want to say:
Happy Monday my friend!!!!!
Elsita :)

Oh! And in an amusing note, I would like to invite you over
to THE HIDDEN SEED to see the connection between 
fashion and green vegetables! :o

The Sad News

Dear friend,

Just a short note to report that yesterday was a pretty sad day in this city because of the unexpected news. Bill and I attended a Hollywood event at the Academy and both Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett were mentioned. We all knew that Farrah was very sick but who could imagine that Michael was going to die at 50 (Bill's age)

Michael Jackson had a difficult life. I always saw him as a little boy who never grew up, for some reason I could never see him as an adult. But he was and he had two children and as weird as anybody could think that he was, Michael was a human being like you and I trying to have a life, the last few years were specially hard for him and I know that he had a few true friends that loved and supported him completely. Imagine how sad they must be right now, as well as the rest of his family. 

I hope that they stay very strong in order to deal with the press over here (which is brutal). 

Lots of love,

What a Day! Here is the Story for You.

Dear friend,

Yesterday was one of those days that seemed to be part of a movie to me, like a suspense movie. The most crazy thing happened: I lost my wallet with some money but most importantly with my credit cards, drivers license, museums membership cards, supermarket cards, zoo membership card, and all sort of other cards. 

I left the wallet in the supermarket cart. I realized about my mistake about 15 minutes after I had left the supermarket and then I drove back immediately!!!! I found the cart in the same place where I left it, I found the little list of groceries but I didn't find my wallet. I asked the manager but they didn't have any lost object in storage.

So I called my bank to cancel the credit cards and then I drove directly to my local DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) to issue a new drivers license. Over there was really interesting, DMV's are great places for finding amazing characters, perfect to inspire many of my little dollies. One of the characters over there (his name could be something like Arrostino) gave me a form to fill out. I didn't have my social security #, I can't retain numbers like that in my brain so I had to call Bill's assistant and as always she was so fast! She found the # and gave it to me. Thank you forever Laurie!!!

Then the lady with the bright orange hair asked if I wanted to use the old photograph or if I wanted to take a new one, she asked this looking at my old photograph on the computer, which is probably the ugliest portrait of myself that I have ever seen in my whole life. I said: well, if it takes too long then let's keep going with the old one, who cares? (I do, I could hear her say in her brain) Ok, she said... sign here and it is $23 dollars. But I didn't have any money with me!!!! I had to ask her to keep the papers so I could go back home and find some money. I went back home and I did not find any cash so I asked my neighbor Sally for help. Thank you Sally!!!! I will pay you back after I write this story!

I drove back to the DMV and I saw the lady with the orange hair again (Anatamarinda is the name I gave her), she said: are you sure you don't want to take a new photo? There is no line over there now....OK, I said, because I knew that I was going to make her happy. She smiled so I went to the little place with the blue background and a new photo was taken. I am sure that it will be as ugly as the previous one. There is something about Departments of Motor Vehicles and portraits that doesn't quiet work. I am sure that you know what I mean.

So, after this, Anatamarinda told me that I was going to get my new driver's license on the mail in about 3 weeks! :o But in the mind time I could use the little paper that she gave me. Perfect! Now I am a legal driver again. So I drove back home, I sat for a minute in order to process the whole thing when I heard something: riiiiiiing!!! The phone (IT WAS MY BANK) 
phone:Hello, yes, is this Elsa Mora?
me: Yes, that's me
phone: We just wanted to let you know that your wallet is here and that you can pick it up before 5:00 PM
me: What!!!???? My wallet? But I didn't go there today!
phone: Well, it looks like someone was trying to use your ATM card over here...
me: OMG! 

So I run to the bank and there was Mister-Perfectly-dressed with my wallet. I was sooo happy. I could not believe that my old wallet was back in my hands with the one million membership cards! The only thing missing was the cash, because Mystery person decided to keep it as a souvenir.

So I went back home and sat again in order to process the whole thing all over again. In the end I came to the conclusion that life is that way, unexpected things happen all the time and you just do what you have to do. And it is also better to do what you have to do it with a positive mind. In the end it was kind of exciting, I enjoyed my time at the DMV, I loved how happy Mister-Perfectly- dressed was to deliver the wallet to its owner, I loved how my neighbor Sally was so happy to lend me her money... I was just happy to see that I wasn't alone, whatever happens to you there are always people out there to give you a hand.

The other thing that I learned is that my wallet is so heavy! Carrying a light bag for a few hours felt wonderful! I think that I will get rid of all the things that I don't need to carry with me Yay!!! 

Lots of love!
And take good care of your wallet please!!
Elsita :)

(And I am soooo happy that the little patters were well received yesterday!!! Thank you!!!! I have to end this post saying that yesterday was a good day, Yay!!)

New Cuties on Etsy!

Yay my friend!! Here you can see some new cute pendants that I listed on my Etsy store :)


I won't ever get tired of making them because creating these tiny characters has become a therapeutic activity to me :)


Every little wooden tile is like a mini home for a new imaginary friend :)


Then, they are happy to go into the tiny box and fly away to remote places :)


You should see them waiting in line on my table. I place them in the same order that you see here.


And they are all exited to see who is going first.


If they could talk they would say tiny words like: I will miss you little friend, I hope that you have a long and happy life! Have a safe trip!




My little friends :)


Just make me happy.


And as soon as they leave, new little ones start arriving in my imagination. I love the whole cycle of bringing these tiny little ones to life.

Lots of love!!!!
Elsita :)


Our Weekend :)

We had a perfect family weekend and Father's Day celebration with Billy back from Australia. Yay! CONGRATULATIONS to all the fathers, I hope that you had a great time yesterday :)

Father's Day 2009

This picture is from our lunch at this great french restaurant not too far from where we live. I was the only one that decided to have a healthy lunch (an amazing salad with grilled tuna fish, fresh vegetables and the best dressing ever) The rest of the family had French Toast and other yummy treats. French Toast for lunch??!! Good for them!!

But then later at home Bill cooked a super delicious gourmet dinner with fresh ingredients from our farmer's market (Billy is a very good cook).

I hope that you had a great weekend too :)

Now let's have a good Monday my friend!!

See you tomorrow!

Elsita :)


On The Hidden Seed today: My picnic outfit :)


Phil Bray :)

I love this picture so much!

Because it was taken by someone very special: Phil the Still :) That's how we call our friend Phil Bray who is an important photographer here in Hollywood and also one the most modest and down to earth individuals in the film business.


HERE you can see some of the photographs that he has taken from different movies. I met Phil in in Vietnam when I traveled over there to spend time with Bill in 2001. And he has been one of our most generous and wonderful friends since then. We treasure some of his photographs in our collection and all of them have been gifts from him.

During my blog brake Phil was working on Death at a Funeral with Bill and one day he came to visit me in my studio. What a treat! He taught me many photoshop tricks and I got to see the proof sheets of his last work. I felt so fortunate to spend those couple of hours with our friend! We talked not only about photography but also about family and life in general.

I think that one of the most rewarding experiences ever is to spend time with special people. That's why I always love to come back to my blog and spend time with you :)

Have a great Friday my friend!

And a wonderful weekend! Bill is coming back tomorrow!!!!


Elsita :)


And you can visit The Hidden Seed Today to see me in the 50's :)


Red Cameo Pin and Lost in Translation :o

Dear friend,

Today I wanted to show you another cameo pin that I made for myself :) It took some work to get the final result because I really I wanted to add many little details but I am so happy with the final result.

The red is a lot more red in person. The other color is ivory and the patina gray. This little birdie makes me smile, he is so sweet and his little eye is sooooo round :)

Red1 copy copy

But I also wanted to let you know that yesterday, I got lost in translation :o
Which means that I got lost when I was driving back home from the place where I took Diego. Diego is completely fine which is the most important thing but on the other hand I got so lost!!! It is a real miracle that I am writing this post today :o

Red Bird cameo 2 copy

But it could have been worse. In the end I only spent OVER TWO LITTLE HOURS driving in the wrong direction. Yay!!! :( Three wonderful and well-intentioned people (and I say this without any irony) gave me directions, each one separately, in three different points where I decided to stop, and each one was death wrong! So I had to call someone also wonderful but with a better sense of geography and that was Bill. 

Red bird cameo4 copy

The only little detail is that Bill was in Australia and it was 5:00 am over there! But he woke up, answered the phone, opened his eyes wide open, went to mapquest, located the place where I was in at the moment and over the phone he guided me back home! Can you believe what technology can do? And a hubby happy to help his wife?!!

I am so happy to be home right now sharing this with you!
And the moral of this story is: No matter how lost you may get, there is always a way back home. Yay!!!

Elsita :)

And today you can visit The Hidden Seed for a little bit of glamour :)

Letter to Frida Kahlo.

Querida Frida,

This letter is to let you know that you're in my thoughts often. I am a pretty positive person, (thank God), but sometimes I find myself overwhelmed by all my responsibilities. When I reach those moments where I need extra support from my little special sources, you always come to mind.

Frida copy

I think about your broken dream of becoming a Mother and about your physical pain and about your difficult marriage. You had a pretty tough life mi amiga, but still, you were able to channel your amazing energy through your art. This has been a mayor lesson to me. 

Whenever I feel under the pressure of life I try to sit for a minute or two and create something with my hands. This has always been my way to turn all my concerns into something meaningful and positive. Thank you so much for the lesson.

I just want to let you know that you were an amazing woman. I hope that one day, if we ever get to meet in person up there, we can spend some time talking and sharing experiences. I also hope that you can cook one of your delicious Mexican dishes. Yay!! I will bring the desert, something made my myself.

I send you a big hug and lots of love!

Elsita :)

My other two blogs are also dedicated to Frida Kahlo today: