La Vida!
Welcome Home Mister Volkswagen Jetta Mora Horberg!

Watch out! A Great Comedy is Cooking!! :)

Bill is working hard producing his next movie, but he's also laughing a lot because it is a comedy!. He is leaving the house early and coming back late but the wonderful thing is that this movie is getting made right here in Los Angeles. Yay!! This is the first time that Bill doesn't have to travel far away (Romania, Vietnam, China..) to make a movie. So far he has been pretty international but Thank God this time he can come back home every night. I am sure that you're going to love this movie, it is going to be soooooo funny!!!! Believe me!!


Above is a photo that Bill took from his cell phone so I could have a little idea about how things are looking over there.

Here are some of the funny men in the movie, from left to right: Tracy Morgan, Martin Lawrence and Chris Rock

I have always thought that the smartest people on planet Earth are good comedians. They have a gift for seeing a lot more than regular people can see. One of the hardest things in life  is to get to the core of things through humor. That's some sort of art that only a few humans can really master. 

Yay for comedies and comedians!!!! 
I really appreciate them!

Elsita :)

On the hidden Seed today: The Assistant :)